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    Been awhile since I have posted, but I have finally convinced my friends to play a campaign of this with me. I should have 6+ people in total and was hoping to do a whole WW1 overview campaign that would allow my players to slowly evolve and gain access to new planes over time as the campaign progresses. Has anyone tried doing this and have materials or suggestions on where and how to start?

    Such as
    Excel sheet showing when each plane was in use etc
    Campaign already set up or ideas on how to go about setting it up

    Thanks and Keep Flying

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    Check out the files section Adam, or, take a look at the OTT campaign threads. These are solo games but may give you some ideas to get up and running, the rules threads have lots of info including types in use. for campaigns For all OTT links for scenarios for aircraft info
    And if you dig about in there there are some usage charts you might find useful

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Thank you, I have started digging and planning!

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    I made one campaign with 32 missions and pilotes évolutions.
    The best thing to do (in my opinion) is to give a pilot from each nation to the players, it is easier to set up sceanrios if some players are absent.
    Each player evolves his allied or central pilot and can acquiring skills.

    Sorry all AAR and campaign rules are in french but with Deepl trad perhaps it can do the job and if you need some explanations don't hesitate to ask

    campaign rules and pilot development

    Here are the AAR , the most difficult part for a campaign it's to get new ideas every mission

    exemple of deepl trad for pilote évolution

    Evolution of pilots
    The pilots of the First World War were mostly officers or non-commissioned officers who had received training that was as fast as it was dangerous (in some schools, 40% of the students were killed during their training) and who found themselves in the dock with unreliable aircraft of which they only knew the rudiments of handling.

    The rookie
    This is a pilot who has just come out of training and has yet to prove himself.
    Evolution: A rookie who participates in a mission and fires on an enemy or is shot at by an enemy is promoted to 'Baptised'.
    A confirmed kill during this sortie makes him a Pilot, without going through the 'Baptised' phase.
    Bonus/Malus: A blue does not benefit from the bonus of the successive shot, and all the special damages ("jammed machine gun" and the two "blocked rudders") require one more move (ex: unjammed requires 3 moves/feet, for the blue it will be 4)
    The Baptized
    This is a pilot who has begun to prove himself, but who cannot yet be counted among the experienced pilots.
    Evolution: A Baptized pilot must still participate in two other missions,
    On the third mission (the first being the one that took him from Novice to Baptised), he becomes a Pilot.
    Bonus/Malus: Only special damages whose symbols contain the colour red ("Machine gun jammed" and the two "rudder blocked") require one more move. (Same for blue).

    The Pilot
    He is the normal pilot of the game, he knows his plane, his teammates and what the opponent has in store for him.
    Evolution: From this level onwards, evolution is no longer counted in the number of missions in which he has participated, but in victories. After three victories, the Pilot becomes a Veteran.
    Bonus/Malus: None

    The Veteran
    This is a pilot who is about to become an ace. If he already has all the technical and physical assets, he does not yet have the fame that goes with the Ace status.
    Evolution: After 5 victories, the Veteran becomes an Ace.
    Bonus/Malus: The veteran is entitled to one skill, he suffers no malus.

    The Ace
    After 5 aerial victories (except balloon) the pilot becomes an Ace and chooses a new skill.
    An outstanding pilot, he has learned to survive any fight. His schooling was tough, but good. In addition to knowing his plane inside out, he has one or another special technique that serves as his secret weapon. Often, Aces have read and apply the commands of the 'Dicta Bölke', the first to write down the tactics of air warfare.
    Evolution: none, except to leave his name to posterity.
    Bonus/Malus: None.

    campaign was playing from February to november(lthe 11 of course )
    Victories and missions per player all nationalities ( even the dead)
    Pascal: 15 kills 21 missions (English Ace, German veteran)
    Dominique: 12 kills 24 missions (French and German Aces)
    Phil:11 kills 23 missions (English Ace, German veteran)
    Olivier:7 kills 10 missions (French Aces)
    Thierry:4 kills 14 missions
    Eric:2 kills 13 missions
    JC: 2 kills 3 missions
    Nicolas: 1 kill
    Timéo: 1 kill 1 mission
    Laurent (droopy):4 missions
    Guillaume:2 missions
    Laurent (pif d'aigle):2 missions
    Tintin: 2 missions
    In theory more missions = more victories...

    it was really fun, you don't play the same way when you want your pilote to go back home....

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    Thank you for sharing these campaign ideas, Fox.

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