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    Default Hydroracers Kickstarter

    Apologies if this has already been posted, however I saw that a Kickstarter is imminent for the board game Hydroracers: Schneider Trophy and hadn't seen anyone mention it thought it may be of interest as it's inter-war, and featuring 1/144 scale models.

    Looks intriguing - it's from the same developer that created Airships: The Great Race.

    Looks like it may be expensive though so I'm going to wait and see what the options are

    Link to the developer's Facebook page (Hun in the Sun) if anyone is interested:

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    Max Pinucci is an Italian designer and he chose 1/144 on purpose, knowing well our game and our minis.
    I am very curious about the project. This weekend there should have been a demo in Venice, and one of my best friends was going to attend. Alas it was cancelled.
    Let's see if there are other occasions in the future. Maybe in Bracciano, at the Italian Air Force museum - several high speed seaplanes are kept there, including the quickest of them all: Macchi MC.72, whose record of 709,2 km/h in 1934 is still valid for piston engine seaplanes today.

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