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    Bombing mission for an Ottoman two-seater Albatros C.III (pilot Monse) escorted by a Phönix D.I (pilot Wildcat) against a French two-seater Sopwith 1/2 Strutter (pilot Philou) performing Immelman, a capability used by Philou to harass his two opponents throughout the game.

    First bomb drop completely missed by Monse, who announced the bombing just before dropping one level of altitude :
    the bombs fall well before the target (the island in the middle of the river).

    The Strutter performs a daring maneuver by making three turns to head back in the opposite direction, around the corner near the mat edge. Total control of the maneuverability by Philou who shoots down the Phönix.

    The second bomb load from the Albatros narrowly misses the center of the target (50% destroyed) and the rear gunner completes the mission with a shoot (damage 3).

    Two exchanges of fire between two-seaters result in a plume of smoke over both aircraft, with the Strutter taking some fatal damage points.

    Summary : The 2 Alliance planes received the same number of B damage cards (7 each but the Phönix suffered 3 times more damage points).
    The Strutter firing with 2 single machine guns (facing 2 twin machine guns and 2 single machine guns) received only 9 damage cards (but with high damage points) against 14 for the two opposing planes, which underlines the offensive efficiency of Philou.

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    Certainly a well-played game! Philou may not have technically won, but the Strutter had the odds stacked against from the beginning. Excellently flown.

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    Great action!

    Many thanks for posting.
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    A very nifty action Simon, and interesting to see a change in the area of engagement. I must look out my Middle Eastern Bristol for a game.

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    Original scenario with countries and planes that we see less often

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