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    I recently found most of my "Home made" plane paint jobs have lost most of there decals (Fallen off), does anyone know how to get around this problem?

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    I assume there were waterslide decals correct?

    If so, are they in tack and re-usable? You could use some decal set and re-apply them. Then put a layer of clear coat on top after they dry. Try that first and see if it works. I have had luck with this. A big issue is if the decals have gotten really brittle. They may fall apart on you.

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    Any/all decals should be applied on a coat of gloss varnish, and sealed with another coat of gloss varnish.

    They are thus in a "decal sandwich" between two slices of varnish "bread" which (almost)never decays, even when exposed to constant handling.
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    i use a decal softener setting solution that makes the decal conform to the surface. then i dull or gloss coat the whole mini. sometimes ill dull coat it after painting before i put decals on it if i think handling to apply decals might spoil the paintjob. then i dull coat it again.

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