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  • Wings of Glory WWI

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  • Tripods and Triplanes

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  • Sails of Glory

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Thread: Hi! I need advice of which game to start with.

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    Question Hi! I need advice of which game to start with.

    Hello! Glad to see a community built around all these games, and I can already see there is an active group around my neck of the woods in Ohio!

    I don't own any of the Wings of Glory games yet, but I'm eager to play because I do own X-Wing miniatures and have played in a few games at conventions.

    I love the similar rules enough that I want to buy one of the "Glory" games to get the rest of my family and our local gaming group into. We have a regular "board gaming night" every week where friends and family all get together and we pick a board game from a massive bookshelf to play. Our group has grown to the point that around 10 people can be counted to show up, so I was looking for a game which could support around 8 to 12 people of varying skills and interest in wargaming, to include old gaming veterans and even their small children (the youngest being around 10 years old). I remember hearing about Wings of Glory and was happy to hear the rules were very similar to X-Wing, so it sounded like the ideal game to support such a large group, and most importantly, not have the game take too long like some of the games we already play (because some of us have work the next day).

    Other key factors to note are that I'm probably going to be the one to pay for most of the game and miniatures (The rules, accessories, and at least 8 miniatures to allow everybody else to use) in order to get any of them to play the game. I can't buy all the available "Glory" games (yet) so I want to make sure I start with the right one that would be great way to introduce a group to the rules. Right now, as I understand, there are four games to choose from: Wings of Glory WW1, WW2, Tripods and Triplanes, and Sails of Glory.

    Of the four games I mentioned, which one would you personally recommend I start with considering the big casual gaming group I've described, who probably don't have any preference for any particular historical era of war, includes small kids, and probably won't buy any of their own miniatures (I'll always have to loan them one for the night)?

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    I started with WGF (WWI)

    I think the slower pace makes it easy to teach.
    My grandsons learned at 4 or 5.
    The colourful German planes help draw attention to the table as well.

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    Agree with WGF. Much more available and fun to play! Once you get into scenarios with balloons, two-seaters, or bombers it's even more fun. Welcome to the aerodrome!

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    WGF for me, but WGS is tempting.

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    I’d go with WGF.

    It’s a good game for one plane per player - and you can always recycle losses. Ignore altitude rules when playing with a lot of people/newcomers.

    The duel packs are a good pick up - 2 planes per pack with the basics you need for not a vast amount of money.

    If you get caught with the bug there are Shapeways planes.


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    Sails of Glory is the most complex and Wings of Glory(World War I) the easiest. In retrospect for myself I would have started with Sails of Glory because although more difficult in some ways it can be tailored from Basic to Advanced rules and if your group got on top of that then the other games would be easier to understand when you inevitably buy them.

    Having started with Wings of Glory WWI, I find it hard to generate much enthusiasm in my group for Sails or the WWII games.

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    Charles, we have an active group in Dayton if you are interested in trying out the game. We mainly do the WWI. Our next meeting is August 14th, 12:00 pm, Dragon's Guild Hall and Games in Beavercreek. Right off of 675.

    Would love for you to come buy and fly with us.

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    I agree with the majority above. WWI is easier to start with. Rules are staggered in difficulty so you can play just the basic rules or or work your way up to all the advanced and optional, or not.

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    Welcome to the Aerodrome, Charles, from over here in the United Kingdom. I too would suggest that you start with Wings of Glory WW1 (WGF). It is the simplest to learn, there are more planes available and they are more oolourful (to appeal to younger players).

    If you are going to have 10 players you will need a big table. Buying both of the 2-player Duel packs would be a good way to start. They would give you 4 of the most well known planes, the Basic and Standard rules, control panels, cards, counters and range rulers. If you decide to go further, then you will find it useful to buy the full Rules and Accessories Pack. It contains the rules and cards for using two-seater planes and much more.

    Do explore this website partiularly the Files section. There is much here to add you your enjoyment of the game. Please feel free to ask questions about the game. You will find that the members here are very friendly and helpful.

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    Welcome Charles from another Buckeye, I'd like to second what camelbeagle said and join us here in Dayton on the 14th

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    Definitely start with WGF (WW1).

    Much higher Fun Factor!
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    This was started over on the sails of glory forums too and guess what??? Sails came out as the best to buy. Who would have figured that I ask myself.

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    Strange to say I actually found the WWII game easier to play with its two card system. However that could just be because I had already mastered WW1.

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    I had an interesting reaction to showing a new player how WGS was played, after hosting a WGF game.

    He was not impressed with the 'lack of maneuvering' in a dogfight, and my reliance on Immelmann turns to stay in the fight. It is a big disconnect betreen the games, and probably movie imaging as well, that dogfights are not tight twisting/turning fights like WGF.

    I had only stepped into WGS because of the demands of my participants at convention where I demo'ed WGF. It was fun for most players, as I usually ran the bombers (targets), letting the participants fly all the fighters (on both sides). It takes very little time to close, head on, and Immelmann turns are usually the only way to get guns back on the targets quickly. The target rich environment provides for shooting opportunities all over the place, although the main targets usually don't get off the mat.

    Another thing I've found is that I usually run a two player WGS game with each participant flying two planes each. It allows for scissor approaches, split attacks, and if a bad damage draw on a head-on attack happens, a player still has a plane to fly. I have wished for a two-plane duel pack for WGS, but I think the BoB Starter Set actually is the best option. However, giving away WGS Starter Sets at conventions is prohibitively expensive (for me).

    So, I almost always start new players on WGF. I have given away a lot of Duel Packs in 8 years, to allow new players a starting point for the hobby.
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    The level of complexity seems clear: WGF -> WGS -> SoG -> BG (because space physics), but I recommend simply start with an epoch you like the most. For example, Warsaw gang (Thunderbolt, TataMichal and their boys) are awesome with WGS and boys started before their 10. So choose with your heart and you'll love it.

    PS: Personaly I feel 8 players as a maximum for SoG - more ships would colide often.
    PPS: T&T is something like a joker - when you like WGF, you would like even T&T.

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    Glad to see another pilot in southwestern vote would be WW1. who cares what happened after November 12th, 1918.
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