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Thread: New decals and store update

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    Default New decals and store update

    I'll be taking a break during August. For planning purposes, I do not expect to be shipping decals between 31 July and 31 August. I've not yet decided if I will close the store to orders during that time or if I will let the store take orders and just have them pile up in the in-box.

    Armaments in Miniature, LLC (AIM) recently released several new 1/200 models and updated some older molds. They include the Ju-87A, P-26, Fokkers (D.XXI, D.XXIII, G.1, and T.V), B6N2 Jill, C6N1 Myrt, D3A2 Val, and the Curtiss Cw-21. AIM's 1/200 scale line is here. Decals are available for the Ju-87A, Fokkers, B6N and D3A2. Additionally, there is a set of 1/100 - 15mm South African markings for the AIM Alouette III. The store has 1/200 scale decals for the P-26 and CW-21 but these decals were tested against 3D printed models. I need to test them against the AIM models and make any needed adjustments.

    In addition to the decals for the AIM models, there's also a set for a 1/200 Pzl.37 Los.

    The Miscellaneous Miniatures store is here. To find specific decal sheets, I recommend sorting by new releases or doing a search by aircraft or unit designation.
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    Thanks for the update! Kevin, your decals are amazing and work great! Keep up the wonderful work! Hope you have a very relaxing break!!!!

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    Thanks for the update, Kevin.

    Enjoy your well-earned vacation.
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    Have a well earned break. We'll see you on the flip side.

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    Thanks for the FYI; hope you have a good vacation.
    I might need to slip in a quick order tomorrow.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jager View Post
    I might need to slip in a quick order tomorrow.
    Same here!

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