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Thread: Tintin raconte : l’histoire de l’aviation des origines à 1914

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    Default Tintin raconte : l’histoire de l’aviation des origines à 1914

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    Tintin raconte : l’histoire de l’aviation des origines à 1914
    Men are working hard on the "heavier than air" problem. In 1842 and 1843, the Englishmen Cayley and Henson opened the way to practical research. They soon had emulators: Stringfellow in 1848, with his jewel steam engine; in 1857, the brothers du Temple with their project of a boat plane; in 1857 and 1863, the audacious Captain Le Bris; then the unequalled Pénaud, whose work was exceptionally clear-sighted; then Tatin and several others whose list would be too long. All of these "pioneers" drew up plans and built aircrafts: but these either had no engine and only glided or, when they had an engine, they did not manage to take off.
    On October 9, 1890, Ader was the first man to fly an airplane, a feat he achieved with his monoplane "Eole" and repeated seven years later with the "Avion III". These feats are still, at the time, questioned. That an airplane had really left the ground was not yet a certainty. It came with the Wright brothers: on December 17, 1903, they succeeded in taking a leap into the air, a feat that is not discussed. From that day on, aviation was truly born.

    Personal opinion
    A fabulous book, mixing the history of aviation and genuine drawings of Tintin in various costumes.
    I enjoy discovering the story of these incredible and unique first planes that are unknown for most of us.
    The pictures of Tintin in various costumes give a touch of humour, on some aeronautical event that were sometimes dramatic.
    The planes are drawn with a high level of accuracy, while their structures are rather complex with many struts and wires.
    It includes around 60 planes drawings, presented on this thread :
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails B75900C4-416A-45C5-B1BB-B5214F899B19.jpg   B4D8AEB5-07D8-4E65-8229-13E7C3BEB601.jpeg   FAE08333-8603-4164-A965-E113C67B685A.jpeg   859A49CB-3932-489D-A6AD-A50755B7E6A1.jpeg   6E9AFDF6-42C8-4085-B6BF-5577ED4FFE2A.jpeg  

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