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Thread: OTT BYM Mission 1 Dabs denies the enemy (ish) - 5th October 1916 by Kustenjaeger

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    Post OTT BYM Mission 1 Dabs denies the enemy (ish) - 5th October 1916 by Kustenjaeger

    “Charmer” Chalmers the 52 squadron Records officer stuck his head round the mess door early one morning.
    “Chaps – there’s a show on, shake a leg!”
    Lieutenant Peter (Dabs) Dabeney late of 11th Hussars – and according to the Mess, late for almost everything – lifted his head from his doubtful breakfast and ersatz coffee.
    “Charmers – what day is it? I’ve got a girl to see on Friday night at the estaminet in Savy.”
    “It’s Thursday 5th today and the Hun’s got a balloon just over the lines that the infantry would like taken down. The ground crew have got some new incendiary rounds and we’ll give you a couple of drums of it instead of overloading a kite with rockets like usual. But there’s likely to be enemy scouts around – we’ve seen some of their new Albatroses about so watch out. The Major wants you to take Pearson’s Nieuport 16 and one of the Morane’s as escort – its Vickers might be useful.”

    So, a little later, Dabs found himself in his silver Nieuport 17 on the right of a lline abreast with Pearson’s camouflaged N.16 (still with the sticks usually used to mount rockets on). 2/Lt Eric Pearson – with a desire to kill balloons - had opted to take the incendiaries but Dabs had reminded him that if and when the balloon went down he would have to replace his incendiaries with ball ammunition. Also the 47 round drums for the Nieuports’ Lewis guns would need changing frequently if they got into a prolonged fight. On the left James Forbes-Hamilton (Hammy) was flying one of the newer Morane Bullets – A199, an ‘I’ version with an 110hp engine. Apparently there were only 4 in the RFC and the pilots that flew them knew why – they actively tried to kill the pilot. Hammy had got the ground crew to put French rounders on it pretending it had to go back to the French – they’d certainly not want it – and they’d taken off before anyone in authority saw them.

    As they swept toward the balloon, looming grey in the sky before them, Dabs saw the glint of the wings of enemy scouts to the left and right of the balloon and not far behind it. They had little time to bring the balloon down before the enemy scouts would be on them.

    Dabs swung out to the right to engage a yellow Albatros as they reached the balloon, seeing the balloon observers swinging out of their baskets just as the first burst of Pearson’s tracer, fired from close range, cut into the balloon – the resulting flash of the gasbag igniting nearly blinded Dabs and he was surprised to see Pearson’s N.16 sweeping through the smoke with him standing in his cockpit trying to change his Lewis drum.

    More ominous was the flash further to the left where a camouflaged Albatros had poured fire from its guns into Hammy’s Morane – which was nowhere to be seen. Looked like two on two now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Then Dabs’ attention was drawn to the yellow Albatros with which he was exchanging fire growing ever larger – and his aircraft jumped as it was clipped by a tyre of the Albatros – making him duck in his seat. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Pearson’s Nieuport shudder and bits fly off.

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    A quick Immelmann enabled Dabs to get on its tail and put a burst into the yellow Albatros.

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    A trail of vapour came from the Albatros’ engine. Another burst seemed to do little damage and emptied Dabs’ Lewis drum.

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    As he banked left to try to get behind the camouflaged Albatros – the yellow seemed to turn away - he looked across at Pearson who waggled his wings as he turned for the British lines. Dabs guessed he was signalling he had engine trouble or his gun had jammed.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    While Dabs reloaded and he and the camouflaged Albatros circled each other, then performed Immelmann, occasional bursts of fire, the Albatros’ fire being heavier, more circling and more Immelmann until Dabs realised both the yellow Albatros and Pearson had disappeared and his chances of downing the camouflaged Albatros were low, so he flew home over the lines, for the ground crew to count the holes in his aeroplane.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    When he landed Pearson was already swigging a bottle of beer to celebrate his balloon! Charmers was trying to calm Pearson down enough to get him to give a clear report that didn’t involve ‘and he just blew up Kaboom!’ Maybe we’ll call him ‘Pear shaped’ after the mess he made of the balloon.

    Those Albatri are tough though.

    Butcher's Tally

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Bulldogs – Entente
    2Lt James Forbes-Hamilton: Morane I - EXP-ET / WIA / 0 kills
    Crash: Rolled 7-3EXP-1WIA= 3 injured – skip 1D6 scenarios, rolled 4 – skip 4
    E&E: rolled 3-1 EXP, -1 WIA, -1WIC -1 BEL = -1 POW the war ended for this pilot.

    2/Lt Eric Pearson: N.16 - FRTB-E/1 kill (balloon)
    No crash (rolled 6+4). OK

    Lt Peter Dabeney: N.17 - RTB OK/0 kills


    Obltn Hans Frankl: Alb II #1 - RTB OK/ 1 kill (Morane)

    Ltn Wilhelm Von Eschwege: Alb II #2 - FRTB-E / 0 kills
    No crash (rolled 3+2). OK

    Balloon: EXP

    Bulldogs: balloon exploded: 20, scout FRTB: 5 = 25
    Eagles: Morane scout shot down: 10, scout N.16 FRTB 5 = 15
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    Basically the Morane I was using a J* deck - much good it did it. Luckily my N.17 and the yellow Albatros came off very lightly from their collision!

    My first pass through the mission I mistook engine damage for jams so I went back and reset it to that point (with help [sic] from one of the cats).

    I’m hoping my Red Eagle balloon turns up soon.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kustenjaeger View Post
    My first pass through the mission I mistook engine damage for jams so I went back and reset it to that point (with help [sic] from one of the cats).
    I always wondered why Ares changed the icon for Engine Damage from the obvious one that Nexus used (after I finally got some Nexus cards, that is)
    I had difficulty telling them from jams as well.

    Well done for your first outing, but tough break for Hamilton-Forbes.
    The balloon didn't last long, so it would have been a shame to have been waiting for the miniature and see it spend so little time on the table.
    Similar to my outing in that regard.

    Have some rep for a job well done, and welcome Over the Trenches.

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    Nice job! Great first outing. Rep your way!!!!

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    Two boom cards on first round of shots simplified things!! Welcome from another newbie

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    Thumbs up

    Well Edward that started with lots of Booms & everything after was almost an anti climax.
    Welcome to the OTT fun & now you have been "blooded" in your first mission you will find things get easier as you go along.
    I agree the Ares Engine damage & Gun Jams are way too similar! Fortunately I have triple decks of both A & B from Nexus so can avoid the problem.
    You were a brave man to fly a Morane at this time in the War but the jolly old Hun got rid of it in quick time!
    Have some deserved Rep for your first Mission.

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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    Excellent outing, Edward. A victory - although James might have a different view of it, Eric is clearly happy as can be.

    First and last outing for the Morane????

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    Well, I don't know what ammo he was shooting but Pearson certainly hit the sweet spot. Frankl was no slouch either !
    An exciting first clash in your OTT career Edward, and the first POW seen in a while. Very well done.

    Uncle says:

    I say chaps, jolly well done the infantry chaps are well impressed with your prompt service ! Shame we lost Forbes-Hamilton. The infantry say he landed roughly just behind the enemy lines but they saw the Jerry take him prisoner and he appeared none the worse for wear. They confirm your victories too so we have things to celebrate
    The Tally was very good from our 'new boy', seen much worse from our some of our 'old boys' - just watch for the WIC.

    PM me a name for the replacement pilot, Edward.

    On t'other side of the lines:
    ObLtn Hans Frankl receives his pilots badge for his first victory.
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    "He is wise who watches"

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    “Charmer” Chalmers, "Dabs" Dabeney, Forbes "Hammy" Hamilton and now ‘Pear shaped’ Pearson, I look forward to hearing the nicknames of the rest of your crew, as and when they make their appearance.

    Great first game report with an amusing and entertaining opening to your story, good to see you here and welcome to the Mess

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    Great start to the campaign Edward. Off with a bang - well two actually. That was pretty much as disastrous a start as mine, for the pilots. Got the balloon, which was the primary objective And I was just looking forward to seeing more of the Bullet in action when it wasn't there any more - tough luck on Forbes-Hamilton, but at least one likes to think he'll survive the war. And Dabs gets to see his date on Friday. Can't be bad

    Congrats to ObLtn Hans Frankl for his gong. Guess we'll be seeing a lot more of him in the future, so the boys better watch their six's.

    Rep for a good yarn and a great result for the doggies but I'll have to return later with it. Seems you've been busy and I noticed already

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    Managed to find one of John Vagabond's mallets lying around unattended. So its mine now - and it unjammed my rep gun Cheers Edward.

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    Great first mission Edward. Short work for a first victory. Too bad James Forbes-Hamilton will be sitting it out but at least he survived.

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