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    For the consideration of the Official Unofficial Stats Committee's (OUSC):

    Since the release of the last unofficial stats document (which was a while back), there have been a lot of new planes released on Shapeways. Some of them are mine, others are from other designers.

    Using the "Tools for working out stats" document and the speed, ceiling, climb, year, engine data on the Wings of Linen wiki (which condenses a lot of my available sources), I have added preliminary WoG stats to all the planes that are missing them on that wiki. In a few places I didn't have solid data but could make a decent guess (e.g. based on a very-similar plane), and for those I left a "?" in the data such as "8?". Where I have no educated guess I just left "?". "Preliminary stats" are the lowest grade... "Unofficial" are better and "Official" are, well, official.

    Unfortunately, that document was made before the "T", "U", "V", "W", and "Y" decks were available, so I didn't know how to work those into the ratings. I suspect that there are many places where it would be better to use, say, "Y" instead of "Xsomething". The other source of wild guesswork was the damage-points ratings of large and multi-engine planes like the Siemens-Schuckert R.VII or flying boats.

    You can find a full list of planes for which models exist .. but no official or unofficial stats .. at, and I append the list below.

    Thanks for the work you've done in extending the game beyond the official models! I know it will take a while and a bit of research, work, and debate to extend the current list, but at least here is a starting point when you get to the next iteration.

    • Austria-Hungary: Albatros B.I(Ph), Brandenburg W.13, Knoller C.II, Lloyd C.II, Lloyd C.III, Lohner M, Lohner T.I, Lohner Tl, Oeffag C.I, Phönix D.III
    • Britain: Airco D.H.6, Bristol F.2A, Curtiss H-12, Handley-Page V/1500, Morane-Saulnier Type V, R.A.F. B.E.2a, R.A.F. B.E.12b, Sopwith 2.F1 Naval Camel, Vickers F.B.9
    • France: Georges Levy 40 HB2, Hanriot H.D.3, Morane-Saulnier Type T, Salmson 7, Tellier T.3, Tellier T.6, Voisin 4
    • Germany: A.E.G. G.II, A.E.G. G.V, Ago C.I, Ago C.II, Albatros Doppeltaube, Albatros J.II, Aviatik C.III, Fokker B.I, Fokker D.III, Fokker D.IV, Friedrichshafen G.II, Friedrichshafen G.IIIa, Gotha G.II, Gotha G.III, Gotha GL.VII, Gotha LE.3, Gotha W.D.11, Gotha W.D.13, Halberstadt D.II, Hannover CL.III, L.F.G. Roland D.I, L.F.G. Roland D.IIa, L.V.G. B.I, L.V.G. C.IV, Pfalz E.IV, Pfalz E.V, Rumpler 6B1, Rumpler B.I, Rumpler C.Ia, Rumpler C.VII, Rumpler G.I, Rumpler G.II, Sablatnig N.I, Siemens-Schuckert E.I, Siemens-Schuckert R.VII
    • Italy: Ansaldo SVA9, Ansaldo SVA 10, Caproni Ca.41, Caproni Ca.42, Caproni Ca.44, Macchi L.1, Macchi L.2, Pomilio PD, S.A.M.L. S.1
    • Russia: Morane-Saulnier Type I (and Mosca MBbis if there are any stats anywhere)
    • USA: Curtiss HS-1L, Curtiss HS-2L

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    Thanks Daryl, very useful info.

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