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Thread: MTO - Welcome to Malta !

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    Default MTO - Welcome to Malta !

    MTO - Welcome to Malta !
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20210613_161539.jpg   20210613_162231.jpg   20210613_162630.jpg   20210613_163153.jpg   20210613_163752.jpg  

    20210613_164417.jpg   20210613_165401.jpg   20210613_165826.jpg   20210613_170137.jpg   20210613_170740.jpg  

    20210613_171105.jpg   20210613_171528.jpg   20210613_171837.jpg   20210613_172151.jpg   20210613_172340.jpg  

    20210613_173141.jpg   20210613_173149.jpg  

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    Great job from the 4 biplanes, despite the loss of a Gladiator.
    I like the diving Stukas.

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    Nice to see some Med action. My fathers photo collection includes a shot of Grand Harbour during WWII. Great place to visit these days I believe but maybe not so much then.

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