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Thread: Viewing the Aerodrome using Chrome

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    Default Viewing the Aerodrome using Chrome

    Sorry to ask but I am only just coming back to the Aerodrome so I don't know if its been raised before - is there a known issue with viewing using Chrome please ? If I try and view with Chrome it opens in 'v Bulletin' (?) whereas using Edge gives me the site I remember. Have others had this and is there a fix as I tend to use Chrome for almost all my web browsing ?

    Thanks in hope,
    Andy Miller

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    Welcome back!

    I'm using Chrome right now, and there's no issue.

    I have seen this "v Bulletin" problem before, though - IIRC it happens when the immediately-preceding site you visit is linked to "v Bulletin".
    When I view the 'Drome I make it the first site I visit after logging on, and the problem has not recurred.
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    I use Chrome exclusively and have occasionally had the VBulletin issue - but usually only when the site is having database problems.

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    No problems with Chrome at the moment.

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    I use Chrome, and can't remember a vbulletin issue.
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    I use Mozilla Firefox mostly and Chrome occassionally. Not had a problem with either.

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    Tried 3 different browsers all ok

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    Thumbs up

    I have always used Chrome & never had a problem!

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    Thank you everyone; tried clicking various buttons and eventually one of them (I think it was marked 'full site') brought me back and it has seemed fine since (fingers crossed !)

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