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    Norway, April 1940. Beginning of the German invasion. A Stuka (Goago at the helm) equipped with a load of bombs has to sink one of the three ships anchored in the harbour.
    To counter it, a frail Norwegian Gloster Gladiator (Monse at the helm) which cannot count on its 14 points of resistance, nor on its armament (B/A), but only on its agility.
    Optional "Full Charge" rule for the Stuka, which can only program slow maneuvers until it drops its bomb load.

    1. The Norwegian ships lined up in the harbor are overflown by the Gladiator (1 point of damage) which exchanges a first shot with the Stuka (3 points).
    The Stuka has made a Climb (Climb counters left at home and replaced by D damage counters on the base).

    2. The Gladiator escapes the 2 arcs of fire of the two-seater and makes a devastating short-range shot at the Stuka (6 points).

    3. The Stuka's rear gunner cannot shoot at the Gladiator which is in its blind spot (the 2 planes are at the same altitude, the ruler connects the supports in the center of the bases and passes through the rear edge of the two-seater's base. The base of the targeted aircraft is in the first half of the ruler).

    4. Exchange of fire at short range between the rear gunner of the Stuka (6 points) and the Gladiator (3 points) which is no longer in its blind spot.
    The Stuka has only 3 points of structure left !

    5. New mutual shot without consecutive aiming bonus since the 2 planes suffered damage in the previous turn.
    The Stuka's base overlaps a ship card.

    6. The Stuka performs a vertical dive and moves to altitude level 3, while the Gladiator's base at altitude 4 overlaps the Stuka's.

    7. Goago announces that he is going to bomb and then makes another vertical dive. The Easter eggs are dropped from altitude 2 and cause the partial destruction of the ship (center point of the map not covered by the base of the dive bomber).
    The Gladiator is about to perform an Immelmann.

    8. After a descent to altitude 3, the Gladiator intercepts the Stuka on its way back and shoots it down (3 + 2 bonus points "shooting from higher altitude").

    Result : one ship damaged by the Germans.
    An Allied air victory.
    Goago was unlucky in the damage draw, while the fragile shell of the Gladiator held up well.

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    Interesting scenario, Monse.
    SWMBO and I have been watching Atlantic Crossing on PBS which is about the Norwegian Royal family and their escape to the US after the German invasion in 1940.

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    Close game the ship was lucky. Thanks for posting.

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    Dito - and very interesting.

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    Enjoyed that - thanks for posting.
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Second part of the Norwegian missions.

    As its name does not indicate, a Bf.110 Zerstorer (Destroyer in German) is charged with a peaceful photo reconnaissance mission of an objective known only to its pilot Goago) and noted on a paper before the game begins.
    His opponents will be sailing into the unknown, with Edouard on Hurricane and Monse on Gladiator.

    1. First meeting and first collision between the Bf.110 (6 points) and the Hurricane (3 points) at the same altitude without Climb counter.

    2. The Gladiator takes advantage of its 90° turn to fire at short range at the Bf.110 (4 points) while staying out of the two-seater's shooting angles.

    3. The Bf.110 performs a Split-S and finds itself at a lower altitude, a maneuver that has not been anticipated by its opponents, who move away from the German aircraft (however, the programming of a stall constitutes a clue).

    4. The Bf.110 flies at slow speed over the island target and can quietly return to its camp to repair its 10 points of damage.

    Note : it is preferable to choose a target in the opposing camp, because the mission of the defending camp may be impossible to carry out as in this game.

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    Nice one (Or two as above) Simon. Short, sharp and to the point. Very enjoyable and instructive too, given that I have played very little WWII since buying some models for it. Got a game coming up shortly and one of the players has asked to use Stuka dive bombers. So this helps a lot

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    Very original scenario for a forgotten victory over the Reich , it is besides the only French victory in 1940 with the Allies !

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