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    I wonder if the Germans ever said anything to their Albatros pilots about how to recover from a catastrophic wing failure. I am thinking about the air hostesses of today and the what to do in case of emergency talks we all used to get when flying commercial. I can just imagine some stuffed shirt standing out the front with a card of diagrams and using recovery hand gestures. Some were lucky. I scabbed this from my Wings over Flanders Fields and I think they got it from the Aerodrome forums.

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    Looks relatively undamaged apart from missing the lower wing so the pilots looks like he was pretty lucky.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gully_raker View Post
    Looks relatively undamaged apart from missing the lower wing so the pilots looks like he was pretty lucky.
    Except that he would have been underneath all that relatively undamaged plane, without a roll bar to protect his head!

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    The wing and tail fin seemed to negate the need for that though he'd probably crick his neck dropping out the cockpit when he undid his seat belt.

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    That is one to talk about walking away from.
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    It looks like he switched off the engine before landing because the propeller is not smashed.

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    Or is might have landed right-side-up, and later been blown over by wind.
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    Na. It was that guy St George again - sorted out that dragon proper he did

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