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    Hello my name is Henri I am Luxembourgish I live at the moment at a friend home in France close to Paris during the confinement that made me discover this card game " Wings of War or Glory" to spend nice evenings , I love Aircraft and card games like Magic the Gathering and many more !

    I’ll see you soon

    Bonjour je m'appelle Henri je suis Luxembourgeois j'habite en ce moment chez un ami en France à coté de Paris pendant le confinement qui m'a fait découvrir ce jeu de cartes : " Wings of War ou Glory " pour passer des soirées sympathique , j'aime l'aviation et les jeux de cartes comme Magic the Gathering et bien d'autres !

    A bientôt


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    Bonjour, Henri I hope you're enjoying the game -- what planes have you been using?

    Many good people, topics, and resources here. Have fun

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    Bienvenue a l'Aerodrome!

    Much better to play this game, rather than "Magic The Bottomless Pit"...
    I laugh in the face of danger - then I hide until it goes away!

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    Bonsoir Henri et bienvenue au club Areodrome.
    il y a un escadrille Francais situe en Ille de France . Le chef equipe est Monse (Simon) Si vous restez longtemps chez votre copin peut-être aimeriez-vous entrer en contact avec lui pour plus de Info .
    Bon courage et reste tranquil

    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
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    Bonjour Henri.

    Never Knowingly Undergunned !!

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    Greetings Henri. Welcome to the Aerodrome. So I understand you use the airplanes cards. Do you have any wish to use the miniature airplane models? If you can stick to just cards you will save storage space and a lot of $!

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    Thank you all for your welcome

    I'm I'm just discovering the game this week and just starting out I'm going to see for the miniatures in the future

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    Hi Henri, welcome from England.
    Run for your life - there are stupid people everywhere!

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    Welcome! Glad to see new members! Lot of good people and good information here!!!

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    welcome to the drome henri!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grand Duke View Post
    Thank you all for your welcome

    I'm I'm just discovering the game this week and just starting out I'm going to see for the miniatures in the future
    A warm welcome from the US wing. You are going to enjoy it here. Shopping for minis is a slippery slope - careful!
    “Fly fast - take chances!”

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    (welcoming head bobs) from the lizard here in the 'States. Be sure to check out the Files section for loads of add-ons, unofficial aircraft, house rules, scenarios, that sort of thing.

    And if you like, consider joining in one of the Over The Trenches solo play campaigns, I believe one of those is starting up right about now. (contact Flash; rules for the next phase of the campaign are here: )

    Or, if you prefer, Jump into the next scenario in the Play-by-Private Message campaign (which I'm running: those rules are here: ) Note, though: I have one space left, and I've also extended this invitation to another new player, Nick Warrick. First come, first served!

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    Welcome to the aerodrome Henri .

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    Hi Henri, welcome to you from me in Bristol uk

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    Bonjour Henri

    Welcome to the Show, Enjoy yerself and dive in. Lots of information to see on here and loads of people welcome to answer any questions.

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    Welcome from Las Vegas!

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    Welcome, Henri, from Portland, Oregon.
    And thanks again for the rep.


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