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    Default Night Raid on London play by PM Game

    This as the Aerodrome Raid game is winding down, it's time to post the preliminary notice of the next game in the series. I believe the title is self-explanatory as to the scenario overall, but preliminaries are:

    The time is late September, 1917. The Germans have intensified their strategic aerial campaign against England, sending the fearsome Gotha and even more fearsome Zepplin-Staaken bombers over London by night. Facing an outcry from the British public, the RAS/RNAS have stationed several interceptor squadrons on the home front, along with acoustic detectors, and searchlight & antiaircraft gun batteries to protect London. One such raid has been detected for the coming evening: spotters in France have reported numerous bombers on their way, and from little could be seen in the fading twilight, both big German bombers are involved.

    There is room for up to twelve: four German, eight British.
    Interested so far:
    "Unlucky" Baz (you knew that nick was going to come back to haunt you, right?)
    Camel Crew
    Crash A Lot
    Baron Rolf
    Marechallannes (tentative-probable, in fact)

    ...the only thing that would prevent Marechallannes from joining it is if one of the newbies wants in by the time I print up the final roster on name plates for documentation purposes.

    I would especially encourage those new to the Aerodrome (and possibly the game) to jump in. Send me a PM to join. I will be posting further updates as to roles and rules (especially as pertains to the night aspect of the scenario) later.
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