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Thread: 1...2...3...4 wings !

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    Default 1...2...3...4 wings !

    Amazing Dutch and English association !

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The Armstrong Whitworth FK 10 quadriplan designed by Frederick Koolhoven in 1917.
    Six built but none participated in the fighting

    Links :

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    Nice looking plane. Anyone got one in their game with shapeways or similar?

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    Not yet... they were not used operationally and only a few delivered but an interesting type, just not very good.

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    I've got one of Decapod's 'Shapeways' F.K.10 minis, but I haven't started painting it yet.
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    I've got it on my wishlist at SWs; would be a dog in a fight (), but would certainly turn heads seeing it.
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    why not 20 wings while youre at it lol! and yes, i know such aircraft (using the term loosely) actually existed.

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