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Thread: Campaign going through "bad weather"

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    Default Campaign going through "bad weather"

    I was not sure what to call it. We have saturated the local hobby store with Wings of Glory (WWI) so a lot of the "Grey Beards" and historic wargamers will be starting a campaign for "Blood on the Frontier" (? re: the name). I am thinking i will do some "solo" games with my son at my house in the mean time. We both play allied planes, and use the "solo" system to control the enemy. If we do, i will use them to post our AAR's.

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    Nice. I can only wish for something like that. The only local hobby shop is a model railroad shop. Years ago I approached them just to put up a card that gave my information as I was looking for gamers. They would not let me post it.

    Looking forward to hear about your campaign and see your AARs.

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    wow! wish i could have that kind of participation in this area!

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