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Thread: Jasta 2 Research Project - how and where to post it?

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    Default Jasta 2 Research Project - how and where to post it?

    Hi all

    I have just about finished my Research Project on Jasta 2 in 1916, and would like to post it on the Forum.

    2 questions...

    1) where should I post it?

    2) in what format should I post it? - as a Word document, it is 27 pages long (still to have multiple photos added!) and is 12,000+ words! (I knew I was a gobby so-and-so, but this just rams the point home!).

    HELPFUL suggestions, please!
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    Perhaps start a discussion thread in WGF: Historical Discussions where you link to a file with pdf version attachment?

    Eager to see what you've discovered

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    Can't really help with your questions but really looking forward to seeing the fruits of your labour Tim.

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    Interested in seeing this too

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    As well as a thread as suggested, see if you can put a copy in the files ?

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    Sounds awesome Tim! Very interested in what you have researched and put together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flash View Post
    ................see if you can put a copy in the files ?
    As what format?

    Do you think I should leave it as a Word document? (sorry for the confused questions - I've never uploaded anything into the Files section before.)
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    Word will work; a pdf also, if that's a good format for your data.
    Another option is to post it in the blog section.
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    I suggest PDF. It's more comfortable than Word.

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    Looking forward to seeing this Tim
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    Thumbs up

    Sounds impressive Tim.
    Herr Bolcke will be proud!

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    Wow, really looking forward to this.

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    Looking forward to seeing the results of your effort, Tim.

    I think Word would be best as it would be a smaller file.
    To test that I just converted a 3-page Word document on my PC to PDF to compare:
    Word: 19kb
    PDF : 450kb

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