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Thread: Peter Jackson and the WW I Airplane Thief

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    Default Peter Jackson and the WW I Airplane Thief

    Please see story about New Zealand film maker Peter Jackson (Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit among others) and an American pilot who attempted to steal WW I planes from his collection:

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    Cannot trust any one!

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    Thanks for the link Bill. It fills in a lot of blanks surrounding this sorry saga. I believe the Sopwith Snipe reproduction that was operated from Stowe Maries airfield in the U.K. somehow got caught up in this and had to be shipped back to N.Z.
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    A sad story indeed. TVAL are sending aircraft to this year's Wings over Wairarapa event as of 1st February though. Hopefully the start of a return to better times.

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    This was subject to a thread by Baz back in July 2019; looks like DeMarco got off lightly, moral is: if you want a reduced sentence knock your girlfriend up !
    Hopefully Jackson / TVAL can get the planes back & continue business.!

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    I really hope TVAL makes a full recovery - I want it to be there when/if I get out to NZ!
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    Really does read like a movie script... what a tale. Let’s hope the planes are back in the air soon.

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    Sad story indeed. Let's hope TVAL survives to makes a comeback.

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    Maybe there will be a movie come out of all this with lots of WW1 aircraft and stunt flying.
    Seriously I feel sorry for PJ. He must be gutted by being let down so badly by his friend.
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    Yes a very sad story indeed. Seems like that Leopard just could not change his spots!

    What a great life he could have had if he did not lust after more money.
    Every one of us would love to be given the opportunity he had.
    The other sad thing also is he is a brilliant pilot.

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