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    Been watching Talking Pictures channel recently (SKY 328; FreeSat 306) and caught a 1935 documentary entitled RAF - all about the RAF at that time, funnily enough.
    Most interesting bits showed off aircraft in use at the time, most of which I didn't recognise but noticeably all open cockpit types, from fighters to tandems, to heavy bombers & transports, as well as carrier borne stuff.

    Identified some of the types:
    Vickers Virginia X - heavy bomber & subsequent parachute trainer

    Vickers Victoria - troop transport

    Hawker Fury - shown off well as an interceptor squadron flying different formations.
    Possibly other Hawker types of the period shown, such as Demon, Hind, Hart, Nimrod, Horsley in various clips and maybe a Blackburn Baffin but I have to check the recording again.

    Anyway, worth a watch if you like that kind of thing & it looks like it's on YouTube too:
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    Thanks for that Dave, definitely going to watch that one.

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    Likewise Dave.
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