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Thread: OTTCYM Mission 10 - Keep On Trucking - Sept 12-18th 1916 - By Tikkifriend

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    Default OTTCYM Mission 10 - Keep On Trucking - Sept 12-18th 1916 - By Tikkifriend


    2Lt Quinten Marsh Spad VII

    2Lt Charlie Parrott N.11


    Ltn Heinrich Barnekow Alb DII M

    Ltn Barnard Wenzel E111

    Ltn Paul Wenzel Halb red

    Ltn Karl Schäfer Halb Blue

    The entire Bulldog mess was counting the weeks to when they would be rotated behind the lines for a long awaited refit and R & R. There had been talk of the Squadron being given some new planes , Pups from the Sopwith factory but any plane with additional power would be acceptable .
    In the mean time 2 scouts had been requested for aerial cover for a fuel convoy heading for the front to refuel the new fangled tanks.

    Barnekow had been given a new Alb DII to fly. With twin firing machine guns he was tasked to take on any of the RFC scouts that might be patrolling the rest of the Jasta were to destroy the trucks.

    It was dawn with the rising sun in the Eagles eyes. Marsh hoped to gain the advantage. The mist shrouded the convoy of trucks as it trundled towards the awaiting thirsty tanks. Kick off for the attack was set for 0600 the next day.

    The Captain gave the signal and the lorries lurched through the deeply rutted tracks that passed for roads. Overhead he heard the low drone, air cover he supposed, or, perhaps the Hun were on to them already.
    Marsh had not expected to be outnumbered 2 to 1

    Being the faster plane he decided to take on the planes from above , Parrot was to keep the enemy from getting a straight run on the trucks. Marsh climbed and Parrot dived. The lead truck took what he thought was the shortest route at the Y in the road, turning right

    The Halbs and Fokker dove toward the convoy

    Barnekow climbed to meet Marsh.

    A short burst from both resulted in their rudders being damaged

    Marsh Immelled while Parrott turned and dived after the Halbs and EIII

    Wenzel was first to target the lead truck, the rounds straddling the left side of the target (0)

    His second attack on the following truck was just as fruitless (0) he pulled away allowing Schäfer to open up on the same target. this time a hit (1)

    The AAMG opened up on the blue Halb, ripping into its port wing (2)

    Another snipe went wide, Schäfer letting rip at the AA guntruck (2 +RRG).

    The AA gunner concentrated on the blue Halb and to good effect, the rounds piercing the engine cowl (2+Eng)

    Parrott was rapidly drifting out of the combat zone. Marsh had his eyes fixed on the new plane, he was slightley higher and had the speed to catch him. However his accuracy left much to be desired (0)

    Marsh put his Spad into a Split S Parrott has head on with Wenzel hoping to get passed and around the German
    A fatal mistake on the inexperienced RFC pilot as Wenzel turned in towards the convoy and unfortunately Parrott's flight path. Wenzel felt his undercarriage tear through the length of the Nieuport's upper wing (8)

    Thomas took his plane as low as he could and fired the first burst and the truck began to smoke, the second resulted in a gun jam(1+Smoke,0+GJ) His speed and height throwing off the AA gunner whose shots went high.(00)

    Marsh pulled out of his split S with the Albatross just in his sights. a burst found its mark and smoke belched out of the cowling. Barnekow s thunderous reply from his twin guns would have torn a lesser plane in half but the Spad withstood the hits (4,4)

    Parrott looked up in horror at the flapping wing struts and started to look for a safe place to land, his part in this sortie being over

    Marsh pulled his stick back to avoid Barnekow . Thomas still skimming the treetops turned to attack again after freeing his gunjam and hitting the lead truck (3). then the second (1,3+Pilot)

    Wenzel could see the crippled Nieuport on his starboard narrowly missing him for a second time. Wenzel decided to get lower the move reaped results (1,3) but at a cost from the AA MG (2) , to avoid a tree he clipped the last truck with catastrophic results (EXP EXP)

    The fireball lit up the trees and left a burning trail down the road
    Barnhard had to pull up to avoid clipping the lorries and in doing so left himself open to a burst of AA fire. Flames licked from the EIII (2+Fire)

    Barnekow felt his rudder go slack as Marsh rained bullets down on him from above (2+LRJ) before diving below him.

    With so few planes left Barnekow decided to go for the convoy, diving hard it was one on one and the Spad was far to his rear.

    Parrott limped back to his lines determined to do better next time, a did Karl Schäfer in his Halb.

    Meanwhile the convoy headed on the AAMG looking for more potential targets and safely crossed into the British lines

    The Albatross was too high and they were close to the Archie battery lines .
    "This one is over" thought Barnekow and broke off his attack to head back to the Beerkeller he called home.

    Butcher's Tally

    2Lt Quinten Marsh: Spad VII - RTB 0 kills

    2Lt Charlie Parrott: N11 FRTB-D 0 kills
    Landed safely (6,2)


    Ltn Heinrich Barnekow: Alb DII - RTB 0 kills

    Ltn Barnhard Wenzel: E111 SD-FLM-NML 0 kills
    Rolled 8 -2FLM -1NML = 5 - Injured - Skip 1D3 Scenarios. Rolled 6 = Skip 3
    E&E: Rolled 7 -1FLM -1WIC +1NML = 6 In hiding! - Skip 1D2 Scenarios. Rolled 4 = skip 2
    Total skips 3 (RRW)

    Ltn Paul Wenzel: Halb red - Col-EXP-FT 0 kills
    Rolled 4 -3EXP = 1 KIA

    Karl Schäfer: Halb Blue FRTB-E 0 kills
    Landed safely (4,2)

    2 trucks and the AAMG made it . 1 destroyed XP.

    A victory for the Bulldogs. Adding the AAMG worked out better than having an extra plane in the end . I chose to have the Alb II fight an aerial battle rather than use its A guns on the convoy but given the eagle eye of the AAMG gunner it might have cost the Eagles their first Alb II.
    Werner awaits the die roll of Oncle but I'm sure he will be back next campaign.
    Werner is still hors de combat from mission 7 Wenzel B replaced him...
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    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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    Great AAR, Paul.

    Those colourful Germans look nice on the gaming mats.
    Voilà le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    Good job, Paul. Not a lot of kills for the two RFC pilots, but a successful mission. Well done to the AAMG gunner. Perhaps the RFC could send a few bottles of champagne his way.

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    Some nasty card draws there, Paul, but our Adler definitely got the worst of it.

    Like the 3D trucks.

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    Well, once I pieced it together that turned out to be a bit of a wild ride, especially for the Eagles ! Were there some pics missing / misplaced ? Wenzel colliding with a truck was impressive turn of events
    Like Barnekow's Albatros - very snazzy colour Sad day for the Wenzel family.

    Oncle says:

    Mon dieu ! Some'ow we saved the convoy, I'm not sure 'ow but we did.
    I'm sending the adjutant down to the lorry unit to find out who was on that gun to see if he wants to join us though !
    Tally could be better, as usual, guessed what wasn't put in...

    The other side of the line:
    Ltn Werner (not wiener) Thomas is still out until mission 12 !
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    "He is wise who watches"

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    Love the colorful German planes! The trucks really jazzed it up as well!

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    Thumbs up

    Well done Paul. I dont know how you managed to pull a win but you did.
    I think that is the first convoy to get more than 1 truck through!

    Love your colourful German Aircraft. Very spectacular!

    Have some Rep for a successful mission.

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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    Another entertaining game, your planes always make a colourful spectacle as well.

    Using the truck borne AA gun was a good idea and obviously worked well, but I suppose very often it's the turn of the card that is the final arbiter of what works or not.

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    Blooming marvellous Paul. It never occured to me that one of the aircraft might collide with a truck Now that pilot really was down and strafing at ground level. Brave, but foolish. RIP The AA gun proved to be the clincher then. Well done for getting those trucks through. Tally ho the tanks.
    REP inbound

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    Lovely blue Albatros Paul. I don't remember seeing that one before.

    The Albatros was powerful but not enough to turn the tide. The convoy gunner should be recruited as at least an observer to start!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaticket View Post
    Lovely blue Albatros Paul. I don't remember seeing that one before.

    The Albatros was powerful but not enough to turn the tide. The convoy gunner should be recruited as at least an observer to start!
    New to the Staffel, along with a re paint DIII .

    I'm learning to fly, but I ain't got wings
    Coming down is the hardest thing

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