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Thread: Clippers' older son's games . . .

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    Default Clippers' older son's games . . .

    Shameless plug, my older son Michael is a game designer and has years of projects to his credit on Battlefront with Flames of War etc. But now he has a blog/game venture with his personal interest going. SBS - Scary Buiscuit Studios is his passion from whence he launched Dreadnauts and now a Civil War Ironclads effort. Check out his site at:

    I am so proud! CHEERS!

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    Hmmm... Some fascinating stuff there.

    I like the Dreadnought: Mini game. I don't know if it would help with the concept, but the range stick could have perhaps been segmented?

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    He did a great job with Aliens:AGDITC.
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    Oh my goodness! Thanks for the heads-up. His graphic designs are incredibly impressive. Looking forward to checking out his games, and tracking his progress. I wish him much success.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Guntruck View Post
    He did a great job with Aliens:AGDITC.
    Two sons, Andrew does TANKS! and Dr Who Day of the Daleks and Aliens. Michael has done Flames of War, Team Yankee, several expansions of FOW and now Dreadnauts and Ironclads on his own. I have a hard time keeping up with them both!

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    My family loves Dr. Who games! The game is I believe Dr. Who: Time of the Daleks. Great game! We love it!!!!!

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    Bookmarked his site - some interesting stuff to check out this weekend ...

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    Thanks Dave - something to warm a parent’s heart!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stumptonian View Post
    Bookmarked his site - some interesting stuff to check out this weekend ...

    I keep telling myself I have too many games already, too many systems to play; but, that said, that Aliens stuff looks great, and now that Ironclad stuff looks super as well.....
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    Thumbs up

    That must make you so proud David.

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    You son has clearly inherited your creative talents, David. You can be justifiably proud.

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