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Thread: Two more Spitfires!

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    Thumbs up Two more Spitfires!

    Found this nice shot of 2 Spits, one of which is a trainer version.

    Had a quick check first to make sure Barry hadn't beaten me to it
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    A dynamic photograph. Thank you for sharing it, Steve.

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    Good 'un!
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    Very dramatic shot Steve!
    Nice find.

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    Nice pic

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    Nice Steve. Thanks for sharing.
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    Nice pair of Spits. An interesting view of them.

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    Nice one Steve--well two actually.
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    Nice brace there Steve & would probably look good any way up !

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    Cool picture!

    I take the one with the cannons...
    Voilą le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    Hey, wasn't the photo just turned 90 degrees right? [joking]
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    Awesome Pict !

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