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    Could someone please give me the size that the bases should be. Should they be 8cm x 11 cm or 6.8cm x 8.8cm?

    Thank you for your help

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    Cards have been produced, and can be found here: OldGuy59's WWI Central Powers Bombers Album - AEG G.IV Card
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    Small giant base according to the unoff stats Stephen, so the latter option that you gave.

    In the FAQ Sticky
    Basing Models:
    Q: I've bought an after market model - how do I know which base to use ?
    A: These are the pertinent points from Andrea:
    Wingspan is what determines the base size of planes (number of engines is not a factor).
    The huge planes with wingspans of 29 metres and upwards (Staaken, Felixstowe, HP O/400, etc) have the biggest base (8cm x 11cm approx).
    The big planes with wingspans of 22.2 to 24 metres (Caproni Ca.3, Gotha G.V, Friedrichshafen G.III, etc) have the medium size base (6.8cm x 8.8cm, exactly twice the width of a 'normal' fighter card).
    Planes with a smaller wingspan up to an undefined maximum, a bit larger than the 14.36m span Bregeut 14 (including the 14.55m FE2 and the 15.24m AEG N.I) use the 'normal' fighter base. The exact maximum has not been defined.
    Furthermore Andrea mentions the potential of a fourth base size (one and a half 'normal' cards wide) for those planes with a wingspan of approximately 17-18m (such as the Farman F.40 and the Caudron G.4), but since this base size was declined by Ares it's likely that such planes will have to go down to the 'normal' fighter size base or up to the medium (Gotha etc) size base, although which is not yet decided upon.

    As you see the AEG G.IV at 18.4m wingspan drops right between the lower sizes but Zoe suggests as a rule of thumb - Go by wingspan but in boundary cases (smaller than Gotha, larger than Br14), 2 seaters go small, 3+ seaters go large.
    Seems to make sense and as good a compromise as any.
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    Thank you - it is a great help

    Already have the cards - so cheers for all the work that went into them

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