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Thread: Rocket failure, and loss of two satellites

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    Default Rocket failure, and loss of two satellites

    The launch of an Arianespace Vega rocket went awry on Monday: the rocket was carrying two satellites, one each for Spain and France. The satellites were lost with the rocket:

    At least no people were injured or killed.

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    Good thing nobody got hurt. Doesn't take much for a rocket launch to fail.

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    Well that explains my not getting Netflix in Brittany lol:

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    Even the best non crewed boosters only have a 95% success rate.

    Those that are man rated are higher, but the additional testing and tighter standards involved increase cost by a factor of over 10, and reduce capability to less ambitious levels.

    When FedSat got launched, carrying the fruits of many years efforts - and over $20 million in costs - I watched launch, booster and satellite separation with bated breath. 3 years of my life was on the line.

    My condolences to the hundreds of engineers involved in making the payloads who have seen their work come to naught through no fault of their own,

    FedSat launch

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