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    Default BSG Boxed game

    I was looking on AMAZON and hope some of you may have extra copies of BSG The Board Game. I saw one (used) for $229.00 and two others for $335.00. Is this game that rare to go for such a price?

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    I would say they are overpriced. is selling one for £50.10 (about $63).

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    A few weeks before Ares Games offered a base set with a reasonable price on their homepage...
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    The usual brainless Amazon 'chancers'....
    Just hoping to hook up with an equally brainless buyer.

    The boxed starter set is still available at retail price from trusted vendors.

    "Entoyment" have them @ £52

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    I should also say that Amazon has been hit with a fair amount of counterfeit games. I doubt if BSG is one of them since they have miniatures, but I fair sure the last game I bought was a conterfeit.

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    Bob [BobP] is looking for the board game, and not the Ares miniature game, right?

    Is Enjoyment selling an Out-of-Print board game?

    PS: just checked the Enjoyment site, and they are not selling the board game.
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    Put it on your Want List at Noble Knight Games.

    Want List

    They send you an email when they have it.

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    Not looking for the Board Game just saw that and thought it was rather pricy. Makes me wonder what my copies of AH Tactics and Gettysburg might be worth. I think they were the first two AH games made. Got mine in 1962 I think.

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    The board game can be found at a somewhat reasonable price but not the expansions.

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    I have the Gears of War board game - cost me £20 - now looks like vendors asking silly money for that too.

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