This week's decal releases. As mentioned in the title, all are 1/200, Condor Legion-Spanish Civil War, or WW2. All are designed for the new or existing models from Armaments in Miniature.

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Spitfire - 152 sqn RAF Southeast Asia, Panther under fuselage roundel as unit marking, marks seven models. Designed to fit the AIM Spitfire I/II.
P-40 - 64th FS US, Mediterranean, has scorpion for unit marking, marks seven models.
P-38 D/E - 339th FS Guadalcanal, unit that shot down Adm Yamato's transport, one sheet, marks nine models.
P-38J - 321st FS, Pacific, nose art for 8 models plus some optional numbers.
Hs-126 - SCW and WW2 combined. Marks three SCW aircraft and three models from different WW2 units.
Hs-123 - SCW, marks seven models, has optional markings for the top of the wing and has additional aircraft numbers.
HS-123 - WW2, marks seven models and has additional aircraft codes.
Do-17E - SCW, marks three models and has additional aircraft ID numbers.
He-111B - two sheets, each marks three models, each has options for more aircraft, they have different artwork.
Ju-86 - SCW, marks four models.
Ju-87 - SCW, marks seven models. Most of the markings will fit the Armaments in Miniature Ju-87B and a 3D printed Ju-87A.

And, I hear the to-do list calling again. Kevin