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Thread: Albatros C.V before Albatros C.III ?

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    Default Albatros C.V before Albatros C.III ?

    If I refer to the nice " Honza application " :
    In 1916 Albatros C.V would have been "commissioned" before the Albatros C.III ?

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    Do you have any details on this subject ?

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    Well, the C.III arrived at the front in December 1915, and the C.V about August, I think, quickly superseded by the C.VII so that's well out of whack. I know Honza got the info from a third party, much of which appeared to be straight lifted from Wikipedia (which is why, initially, the Alb D.III stats were wrong as in Wikipedia they quoted those of the Austrian 153 version with the 200 hp engine...). It's worth checking the info before applying it.

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    One of the things the late Peter Grosz emphasized in one of the Windsock Datafiles was that the various Albatros C-types were not strictly successors of each other. Each one was built around a certain engine (the Benz Bz.III/Mercedes D.III for the C.III; the Mercedes D.IV for the C.V; the Benz Bz.IV for the C.VII; the Mercedes D.IVa for the C.X), and as engines became available to the Albatros factories they would build the corresponding planes to put them in. So several of these were in production at the same time, and as (say) a batch of Bz.IV engines were scheduled to be delivered, they would build up a set of C.VIIs to put them in.

    Also, the old story about the Mercedes D.IV being unreliable and prone to vibration issues seems to only have been true for the AEG G.III -- the Albatros C.V and LVG C.IV used the D.IV engine with great success, albeit with very limited supply. So it was a lack of engines that limited their numbers.

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    Thanks Dave and Daryl for your quick answers, so we can play Verdun in July/August 1916 with a C.III and C.V

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