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Thread: WGFB: Blue Max Airmen: German Airmen Awarded the Pour le Mérite, Vol.15 (Aeronaut)

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    Default WGFB: Blue Max Airmen: German Airmen Awarded the Pour le Mérite, Vol.15 (Aeronaut)

    Book Title:
    WGFB: Blue Max Airmen: Vol.15 (Aeronaut)
    Lance J. Bronnenkant, PhD
    The Blue Max Airmen: German Airmen Awarded the Pour le Mérite, Vol.15 (The Blue Max Airmen) Paperback – 2020

    by Lance J. Bronnenkant, PhD
    Greg VanWyngarden (Aircraft Colors & Markings), Bob Pearson (Color Profiles), Aaron Weaver (Cover Design), Jack Herris (Design & Layout), Lance J. Bronnenkant & Jack Herris (Digital Photo Editing)

    From the Publisher:

    The Blue Max Airmen series is the real story of the German airmen awarded the Pour le Mérite during the Great War. Author Lance J. Bronnenkant, PhD., and Aeronaut Books are pleased to bring you the most detailed and graphically lavish account of these heroes ever produced, covering the men in context with the war’s chronology of events. For each recipient a comprehensive, well-illustrated biography of the man is given, together with photos of the aircraft he flew, followed by details of his service, including other awards won. Color profiles of the aircraft are also provided for interest to enthusiasts and as references for modelers.

    The Blue Max Airmen volume 15 is dedicated to Ernst Udet (45th), with 62 victories the second ranking German ace of The Great War. Udet survived the war and had a colorful postwar career as a movie and airshow pilot before joining the Luftwaffe’s hierarchy. This book is the most comprehensive and heavily illustrated book yet published on Udet’s early life and WW1 career. It has 180 photos (many previously unpublished), 5 color illustrations, and color profiles of 22 of Udet’s aircraft with new analyses of many of them in its 178 pages.


    Series: The Blue Max Airmen
    Paperback: 178 pages
    Publisher: Aeronaut Books (26. Aug 2020)
    Language: English
    ISBN-10: 1953201113
    ISBN-13: 978-1953201119
    Product Dimensions: 21.59 x 1.07 x 27.94 cm


    Yet another superb entry in this series of the best and most informative WW1 archive I have come across. Plenty of background info on the man himself, and loads of photographs, many not published previously. The 22 colour plates are a real boon to repainters like myself. This volume is entirely devoted to Udet - 178 pages of fascinating information and period photographs. The pilot is treated in a fashion similar to the format laid out in Volume 1 (Boelcke & Immelmann), with an examination of The Man, The Aircraft, and Military Service & Victory List.

    This volume also contains a list of Pour le Mérite winners, both by date of award and alphabetically, an index, bibliography, and glossary of terms.

    I really can’t praise these books highly enough. I own all fifteen in the series thus far, and I’m looking forward to getting the next one!
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    How many spare copies of each number do you have Tim?

    Never Knowingly Undergunned !!

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    I have always been interested in these. I may have to pick up a couple. Which do you suggest I try first?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hedeby View Post
    How many spare copies of each number do you have Tim?
    Let me see............................

    Ah, yes...................

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    Hi Dan

    Pick the one which best suits your period of interest.

    If you're after Early War stuff, then Volume 1: Boelcke and Immelmann, is indispensable.
    If you want a whole War length book, then either Volume 5: Manfred von Richthofen or Volume 15: Udet will fit your needs.

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    Great review. I was not aware of this series. Udet is one of my favorite aviators. Rep inbound
    “Fly fast - take chances!”

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