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Thread: vistaprint mcmaster university No Man's Land mat

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    Default vistaprint mcmaster university No Man's Land mat

    I had found this old thread with aerial photos of No Man's Land not long ago: WWI maps and aerial reconnaissance photos with links to the great high-res photos at McMaster University: photos by grid

    Thanks to @teaticket for the info about Vistaprint vinyl banners I was ready to give it a shot (register an account and wait for the steep discounts, often getting 50% off).

    After a lot of searching I settled on an image from Strovendorp-Nachtegaal Belgium, 12-18-1917, then set to work cleaning up the image as best I could before uploading at vistaprint for a 6' x 4'. I still need to clean a couple spots but am happy with the result. If anyone would like the .tiff file please PM me and I can email it. Not sure I can upload it here as it's 31MB. Enjoy

    Name:  IMG_20200922_172808.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20200922_172909.jpg
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    jpeg of the image:
    Name:  strovendorp-nachtegaal_belgium_12-18-1917.jpg
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    Excellent back-drop for playing on. Love it.

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    Here's the .jpg of another, Haute Porte Farm, Tree Farm and Benedict Cross Roads, July 4, 1918 near Meteren, France. I left the notation and North arrow but cleaned artifacts and some lines. Notes read: "Benedict Cross Roads is the intersection in the upper-right corner of the photo. Tree Farm is located at the bend in the road running diagonally down the left side of the photo. Haute Porte Farm is located further up this same road."

    Name:  haute_porte_farm_july_4_1918.jpg
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    Very nifty Chris.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Very nice playing surface!

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    Thanks guys. The Haute Porte Farm map is pretty cool so I'll have to do that one too someday. In the high-res file you can see vehicles on the north road, and left of center at the end of a trench and beside a road you can see this. Anyone hazard a guess? I'm wondering if it's a mobile machine gun vehicle? There is another one up the road it seems but image is fuzzier.

    Name:  haute_porte_farm_july_4, 1918_vehicle.jpg
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    I've have a few mats by Inked Gaming for some board games and have been very happy. How is Vistaprint?

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    Makes me wonder about aerial maps from WW2. I've seen a few images in books where you could make out tank tracks, etc.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ken at Sunrise View Post
    I've have a few mats by Inked Gaming for some board games and have been very happy. How is Vistaprint?
    Yes, Inked Gaming makes some sweet mats. Vistaprint is good if you have a hi-res image. I've not tried a cloth (fleece) one from them yet. The vinyl 6 x 4 is great and $28 on a sale. I've made a couple for BSG that turned out great.

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    Very nice !

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