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Thread: B-25 crash

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    That is really sad news, Bob, but at least none of the crew were seriously injured.

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    Sad news but at least the crew are not badly injured.

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    Very sad to see but no fatalities other than Old Glory by the look of it.

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    That's a shame, but glad the crew came out in one piece.
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    So very scary for the aviation hobby, hope this doesn't renew calls for the end of preservation & restoration efforts.

    Very glad no one was killed, though.

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    I am very glad the crew members survived. That is the most important. It is sad that we lost an important piece of history.

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    Sad to have lost yet another old warbird - but, like others have said, the silver lining to this particular cloud is the lack of human fatalities.

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    Iím glad there were no fatalities but itís a shame about the plane.

    [QUOTE=zenlizard;538504]So very scary for the aviation hobby, hope this doesn't renew calls for the end of preservation & restoration efforts.

    Iím not one to tell people what to do with their property but do you guys think there is a point when these planes should stop being flown? There are only so many left and even with a fully capable pilot and crew and a fully maintained aircraft accidents do happen. I think it will probably come down to money, as accidents happen and planes/parts become harder to find the prices will go up to a point where it will cost too much to fly these planes.

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    im glad the crew got out alive. it saddens me greatly to see another rare warbird lost forever. ive immensely enjoyed seeing them fly over the years but i also wonder if its time to ground them. i once opposed that vehemently but one can only see so many warbirds lost every year and wonder if its worth it. i dont know. im highly conflicted on this point.

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    Yeouch! Old Glory really took one on the chin. A relief that there were no fatalities.

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    Verry sorry to hear of the crash, but like the rest of you glad to hear that no one was killed.
    The to fly or not to fly is a moot point. Money is needed to keep the aircraft in good condition even in a museum. I would in an ideal world like to see them retired and replaced by replicas to keep the pilots happy save the historical warbirds and keep the money coming in, but I guess that is just pie in the sky.
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