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Thread: Fokker Dr.1 and D.VII articles with jaw dropping photos

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    Default Fokker Dr.1 and D.VII articles with jaw dropping photos

    These are well worth a view (or re-view). Probably the most stunning photo imagery of the "Dreidecker" and "Ace Maker" that I have ever seen. The articles are first rate too.

    Mastering the 'Dreidecker': Michael Carlson on the Fokker Dr.1 - 8 January, 2020

    Recreating the Fokker D.VII - Flying The 'Ace Maker' - 14 January, 2018
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    Great articles Jeff, thanks for the links!

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    Cool stuff, thanks! My Wings versions are so much easier to fly

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    Nice stuff. Thanks for sharing!

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    Stunning imagery, the videos are pretty special too.

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    Thanks Jeff, a brilliant read

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    awesome! thanks for sharing. great reads!
    sounds like the triplane being so finicky ably trained german pilots up to a point where, when the transited to the easier to fly DVII they were freed to concentrate on maneuvering.

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    Thumbs up

    Mickael Carlson sure knows how to fly those WW1 birds.

    Thanks for the links!

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    Thank you for sharing those great articles, Jeff.

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    Fascinating articles, and superb photos!

    Many thanks for posting the links.

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    Thank you Jeff for posting these links. Excellent reading material. It's always fascinating to read about the details of an aircraft's operation from experienced people.

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