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Thread: cyber war II coming in Nov 2020

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    Default cyber war II coming in Nov 2020


    At the HMGS Board of Directors Meeting on August 23, 2020 the Board voted to host another CYBR WRS this year, November 12-15! While more information will be forthcoming I wanted to take a minute to appraise everyone about some statistics from CYBR WRS in July.

    Id like to include the following highlights:

    We had four days of virtual gaming across a variety of platforms. We had twenty games, all of which had enough players to run through the games.

    We had a virtual club room in which we were able to highlight nine different clubs.

    We had a virtual painting competition with 26 entrants, who submitted 66 entries between 6 different categories. Our vendors provided excellent prize support for this competition.

    We had a virtual Hobby Room in which we posted 7 videos. Greg Zuniga ran a live Twitch stream on Friday night, and James Wappel live streamed on Twitch for over 15 hours for us.

    No Dice No Glory coordinated the HMGS Round Table for us. These live events ran from Thursday evening, all the way through Sunday evening. We had a total of 18 different presentations from podcasters, historians, game designers and presidents of major gaming companies. Over four hundred people watched the videos live. No Dice No Glory uploaded all the presentations within 30 minutes of the evenings presentations ending on their YouTube channel. As of July 26, 628 people had watched videos from the event.

    We had a virtual vendor hall with 105 vendors listed, 24 of which offered either a show discount, prize support for our painting competition, or both.

    We created a CYBR WRS Facebook page which gathered 243 likes, and a CYBR WRS Lounge group for people to talk about CYBR WRS which gathered 130 members.

    We created a webpage on the HMGS website which had our virtual games, Round Table events, and vendors so those members who dont use Facebook could access CYBR WRS.

    I am still amazed at how much we managed to get done together as a team in only six weeks.

    I would be remiss if I didnt mention a few people who really helped make this event a success.

    The Board of Directors for their support.

    Todd Pressley for vouching for me and allowing my idea to become a reality. Id also like to thank Todd for taking on the virtual gaming.

    Todd and John Hollier for all their work in creating our official CYBR WRS webpage.

    Mitch Reed and the entire crew of No Dice No Glory for creating the HMGS Round Table, presented by No Dice No Glory.

    Joerg Bender and the Tabletop Simulator gaming group for introducing Todd and I to virtual tabletop gaming and the many resources available.

    David Ensteness and Chris Bennett for their early support and brainstorming sessions.

    Greg Zuniga for his videos, Twitch stream and recruiting James Wappel.

    James Wappel for his two marathon Twitch streams.

    Dave Taylor for judging our painting competition.

    The following vendors for donating product for our painting competition:

    Winged Hussar

    Things from the Basement


    Firelock Games

    MSD Games, LLC

    Lombardy Studios

    Warlord Games

    Finally, Id like to thank everyone who took a chance on CYBR WRS and participated in any way. I especially appreciate the feedback, whether it was just to thank us and provide some kind words, or to provide constructive criticism. We werent expecting perfection but with all the collaboration I think we came way closer than we could have reasonably expected.


    Dennis Jensen
    CYBR WRS Convention Director, HMGS Inc.
    "I wasn't there!"

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    With 10 weeks to prepare, it is something I can work with. If true something should be able to be done. Will keep everyone posted!

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    I hope that it will all go well, Mike.

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    Are you thinking of running this similar to our Thu night events, Zoom for chat/card tracking and YT for game board play?


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    Yes it will be the same but with different games like tripods or sails or battlestar. For the most part we have worked out most of the bugs as long as I keep it updated.

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    Cool. +1 Vote for Tripods

    Quote Originally Posted by mikejr74 View Post
    Yes it will be the same but with different games like tripods or sails or battlestar. For the most part we have worked out most of the bugs as long as I keep it updated.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rolld6 View Post
    Cool. +1 Vote for Tripods

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