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Thread: Covid-19 lockdowns seem to end

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    Default Covid-19 lockdowns seem to end

    Arrived today after three month of covid-19 quarantine at Melbourne airport:

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    I used to take world wide shipping for granted. Now it is seemingly random. An order from the Netherlands took 3 months to arrive in the US. I was cautioned that an order from Australia would take 10 weeks, but it took less than 3. The only thing certain is that it DOES take longer than it used to.

    Meanwhile, Amazon delivers groceries within 2 hours and Prime orders continue to show up the next day. I really have no need to leave Fortress Scharf. I used to commute to work at 112 miles round trip, per day. Now I have to remember to start the car every 10 days or so. Life is certainly different and unlikely to ever be the same.

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    Colorado stepping up quarantine enforcement - with close air support! I was sitting on my patio, enjoying a cup of coffee when I got buzzed.

    Video is crap because:
    1) they scared the hell out of me on their first pass by sneaking up at just under the speed of sound and cast a giant shadow right across the entire house, rattling EVERYTHING
    2) I only had my iPhone on me

    A pair of F-16s ran simulated close air support runs at the Air Force Academy for about 20 minutes. Using my house as a landmark.

    Loud and Proud.

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    Thanks, Jeff.
    We get runs by the Air National Guard over our house occasionally - gotta love that sound.

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    just looked at the tracking for an order from USA. Posted on May 31 and spent 3 weeks travelling round the USA before it landed in the UK on 4-7-20 (uk date) wonder how long it's gonna take to get to Enfield lol

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    I enjoyed the video Von Schaffer. I don’t have any F-16s buzzing my house but at least once a week in the afternoon two military cargo planes fly directly over my house but because of the trees you can’t see them until they are right over head. When I have people over when the planes fly over they think the world is ending because they are very loud and again the trees block line of sight so they cant see any planes and they have no idea what’s happening.

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