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    Default HMGS Virtual Con/CYBER WARS

    I just received this info from HMGS. I copied this part of the email that I thought would interest most people.

    Hello everyone,

    As you all know by now, Historicon and Fall-In! have been cancelled in 2020 due to the ongoing event meeting restrictions as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Therefore, HMGS has decided to move forward with our first online convention, CYBËR WÅRS, to help us all soften the blow. The majority of this online convention will be hosted on Facebook, with a link being provided shortly. The convention will be held July 23-26, 2020.

    We are planning several events which we hope you will enjoy. The following is a brief preview of the events, and also ways you, the members, can help make them even better:

    Virtual Vendor Hall. We will be posting links to all the great vendors who have come to our conventions in the past. We are also hoping to include some event special promotions.

    Virtual Wally’s Basement. This will be an open page where you can post your eBay or other third-party auction links.

    Virtual Hobby Night. Our volunteers will be posting painting and hobby videos for you to watch. There may be a few live streams as well. If you are interested in making a video or two, please let us know.

    Club Page. We would like to include a page dedicated to the clubs that have attended the HMGS conventions over the years. Each club will have the opportunity to showcase their club, and some projects they have worked on over the years. If your club has not already received an e-mail, please reach out to us at the email contact address below. We would love to highlight as many clubs as possible.

    Virtual Merchandise Store. What better way to say “I wasn’t there” than to get some CYBËR WÅRS merchandise?

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    Just saw this. I'm not sure if I will be able to participate in this event (maybe Thursday night). (We are celebrating my Father in Laws 70th Birthday that weekend) I am interested in seeing how other people are playing online and how the interaction works.

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    I am not sure how it will work but might just check it out to see. Also will be good to see links for the vendors. They can always use my money HA HA

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    Hopefully there is decent deals from the vendors. I am pretty sure there will not be in Wally's Ebay. lol

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    Just got the notice too. I'll be looking into it to see what others are doing on line.

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    I'll be looking at the dealer's links; I'm thinking of needing some more 15mm Essex minis.
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    I bet the dealers get a big response.

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    I have sent a email to Dennis with some questions about how the games will be played scheduled and such. The response I received from Dennis and Todd where pretty vague. There is an ticket system for GMs to get players but after that it's on the GM to provide everything else. There will not be a central hub for people to virtually meet other than a list on Facebook. I will probably run a game Friday night. It might just be me it just feels rushed and a bit half-assed. I am going to continue to talk with them and see how it turns out. IMO the end of August would have been a better time to give everyone time to prepare and put out the best product possible. Then again I might be wrong too.
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