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    Default Strange Starter Suggestion

    So what do you think? Hunter and I made a few during the Fantasy Flight crisis . . .

    1. Given our game is still very appealing and attracts around 2 to 4 new victims, (I mean new pilots) every month, and given the serious decline of available/affordable and popular minis, what if some of us put together a number of sponsored starter sets of our own, thinking finished Shapeway minis with cards and bases from our excess sets?

    2. If yes, what aircraft pairings might be fun to do? Early war? Mid war? Bombers? Dream on and lets talk.

    3. Ares feed back? Is this a bridge too far? Thoughts?

    I have been through my collection and thinned the herd to help a few desperate newbies, but the elves had this idea . . .

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    Personally, as someone who absolutely loves this game, but has no scale modeling skills whatsoever, I think that's an excellent idea. Being able to purchase unofficial pre-painted models would help to bridge the gap between official Ares releases. It would be welcomed not only by new members, but would also be welcomed by us scale modeling challenged members. Since there are plenty of cards without minis available in the official sets and booster packs, that would seem to be an easy start. But because there is an enormous number of third party minis of models that haven't been produced by Ares, or aren't in Ares' immediate plans to produce, it would be nice to obtain pre-painted minis of those planes too.

    My personal preference would be early war starter sets, but I understand many players prefer the biggest and baddest of the late war planes. No matter what combo set might be assembled, I'd buy it, and it would have no effect on my desire to purchase all of Ares' future official releases.

    Hope it happens!
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    Is the real problem the shortage of models or the shortage of Rules and Accessories Packs?

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    Another good question. There are many Rules and Accessories on eBay and a few game stores, but the planes are few. Even our faithful leader's supply is thin . . . perhaps we just play while we can and let the gravity well do it's thing . . .

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    Nope, I am not keen to the idea of stagnation and attrition for this game. I believe Clipper's idea would be a benefit to the hobby. It would help to maintain newer player's interest in the game by providing pre-painted minis. In addition, it would assist in keeping third party manufacturers of minis in business too, as we wait for new official releases to arrive from Ares.

    My opinion concerning Ares is that they should make certain the Rules and Accessories Packs, or other Starter Sets be kept in print to keep attracting new players to the game.

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    Clipper, I think this is an awesome idea. I see lots of the rules box sets. Not many of the popular planes. Pair an official rules set with some Fokker D.VII. Not sure what type of Entente plane to suggest.

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    DVII's and E.III's for sure, what to oppose? DH.2's and Camels, I've got lots of extra Camels . . . cost would just be postage? Interested supporters could send what they can and the elves put them together . . . starting with say, 6 of each plane in sets of 2 . . . or do the Clipper system of 10 each . . . not getting much feed back . . .
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    Would around now be the right time to unleash by Deluxe Box Set collection on the world?

    4 planes + rules & counters, all in a box

    I have been keeping them (and adding to their numbers) against a future drought - are we there yet?

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    Hmm . . . Not yet Tim, our goal is to get rare planes into action, the box set plane types are still out there. I only included the Camel as I couldn't come up with a rare fighter for the Brits . . . But there will be a time by the looks of things . . .

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    I would suggest, if the idea is to provide for more introductory materials:
    It is way better from an attention-getting viewpoint to go with what you know. In this case, we can assume that anyone who might have interest has heard of the most iconic aircraft...meaning, for the Central Powers, the Fokker products, like the Dr-I and D-VII; for the Allies, that means the Sopwith Camel, and as a guess, the SPAD XIII. If you're thinking about roughly matched pairs, then there's another point in favor of these four.

    But I am also of the opinion that Area should always keep the RAP in print.

    We all have our own biases, of course...I personally, am quite fond of the often overlooked two-seaters, and scenarios focused on them; and even more so, the early/mid-war aircraft. Get a little more of the historical aspect into the game. But that's me, and just from the bring people into the hobby point of view, I think an approach based solely on that would flop.

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    Thumbs up

    Wonderful & generous idea David.
    I am sure it would be welcomed by many potential pilots!

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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    Some of the more popular models such as the Camels, Spad XIII's, and Dr.I's are all still readily available in Ares latest reprints. They'd be a direct sales competition with Ares. It seems that third party repaints of the harder to find out of print models such as D.VII's, E.III's, DH-2's, as well as, providing other popular models not previously released by Ares would be more acceptable to Ares. Obviously, it would also allow us drooling newer Aerodrome members a chance to add pre-painted versions of these popular out of print planes to our collections.

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    Indeed, nothing that competes! So what the elves are thinking:
    Fokker EIII. vs. DH-2
    Fokker DVII. vs. Sopwith Pup
    ? vs. ?
    Any other ideas?
    Checking on Shapeways prices, would like to binge paint at least 6 each in easy color schemes . . . Decals . . . Cards . . . Bases & pegs . . . Thoughts?

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    <<cough, cough>> Fokker D.VII vs Sopwith Camel, not Pup!

    As for easy colour schemes, Fokker D,VIIs have several simple nose/fuselage single colour paint jobs, like Jasta 13, Jasta 15, Jasta 18, Jasta 19
    Trouble is they almost all need lozenge wings (above and, especially, below)
    Roman Kampfflieger does a 4-pack which cuts down on cost
    Also Dolphins could replace Camels - never released by Nexus or Ares, fly on the 'N' deck available with the SE5s currently in the shops, and paint up easily (PC10/CDL)

    E.IIIs are easy, overall single colour
    DH2 also overall CDL, later getting PC10 upper surfaces

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    Yea, Pups vs DVII's was an attempt to not compete. But Dolphins sound good! Love the color scheme ideas, thanks! As I shop the Shapeways offerings I am drawn to the planes with pilots, something extra to add. Plotting on the lozenge challenge, if I use a template it can work.

    These will be hobby projects whilst watching the Expanse for the 3rd time, so the time investment is not too important . . .

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    Rules - Print off the Basic and Standard rules from the Ares site.

    A D maneouvre deck for a Fokker Dr.1 or Sopwith Pup is available in the Print & Play preview download for Tripods & Triplanes. Also a range ruler.

    The Print & Play also included A, C and D damage decks but they would need alteration for use with aircraft because they show Tripod special damage symbols.

    There are the MATES cards for all maneouvre decks.

    There are rules for simulating the damage decks using dice (shock horror) in the Files Section if necessary.

    Counters can be made even if it is just writing "gun jam", "smoke", "fire" etc. on pieces of card.

    While they last the packs of Additional Damage decks issued with the Tripods give all the aircraft damage decks, if you use the small symbols in the top right hand corner.

    The Tripods Additional Counter Sets provide a range ruler and some counters.

    Aircraft cards from the Files section.

    Bases from Aerodrome Accessories, pegs (maybe) and range rulers.

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    If you put dolphins in I would buy a pack just for those!!!!!

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    Since these will be sold to Aerodrome members, and not to the general public, I would believe the potential buyers may already have some of the basic accessories. I really like David (Naharaht)'s excellent list. Might it be simple enough to assemble a list like this showing where these items and helpful hints may be located on-line, and include a small printout of the list with the planes?

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    Yes! Exactly Paul! Having a go to beginners sticky! A resource list for getting started! Excellent! Could one of you deep files people start a list?

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    I am trying to do something with my list.

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    This is what I have done so far. Is there more that I should add or should I leave some things out or modify them?

    Resources for new players.pdf

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    Excellent job of collecting a great deal of pertinent information for newer WoG players and Aerodrome members (some of which was new to me), and condensing it down to 2 sheets of paper when printing on front and back. Any input from other members?

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    I forgot to include the Control Panels.

    Here is the link to the new version.

    Resources for new players of Wings of Glory v2.0.pdf
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    Quote Originally Posted by Naharaht View Post
    I forgot to include the Control Panels.

    Here is the link to the new version.

    Resources for new players of Wings of Glory v2.0.pdf
    This console looks really great, especially for new (and old ones like me) players. The only thing I noticed is that it doesn't tell you when to remove the fire token. But I think I'm going to print several of these and keep them in the kit. But I do like these alot. Thanks.

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    Nice! Love the resource sheet.

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    This resource list looks really nice. The printing of multiple pages with color pictures might be getting a little too much to be included with the starter sets of pre-painted planes. So, instead of printing this list out on multiple sheets of paper, and including them with each starter set of pre-painted planes, can the finalized copy of this excellent resource list be placed in the files section? All we would need to include with the planes would be a short note describing this very informative resource list, and where to find it in the Aerodrome files. Any thoughts?

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    I am sorry but I cannot alter the console, Ken. I did not create it. I found it in the Files. The creator was R.James.

    If I cut out all the colour pictures, it will reduce the document to 4 pages, which could be printed 2 pages to a side, back to back, on 1 sheet of paper.

    I am planning on putting the document in the Files section once I am satisfied that it is complete.

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    This is great stuff chaps, keep it up

    Never Knowingly Undergunned !!

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    Here is the latest version of my Resources Sheet. I have tried to configure it so that it can be printed with 2 pages on each side of one sheet of paper. You will have to sent up your printer to do that yourself.

    Please let me know, if your you spot any omissions or can suggest any improvements. I will submit the final version for inclusion in the Files section.

    Resources for new players v3.0.pdf

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    A great effort and I think helpful for now and our immediate future. Thank you for your care and commitment to our game and fellowship.

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    Excellent work on the resource file. Now that we have a very helpful resource guide, what is everyone's opinions on the choice of third party planes for a starter pack? I personally like the choices mentioned in previous post of Fokker E.III vs Airco DH-2, and Fokker D.VII vs Sopwith Dolphin. None of these planes are currently in print by Ares. I know nothing about third party availability and expense of these particular models. Are they easily obtainable and affordable? Or are there any other models currently available that are worth considering?
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    I will be doing a thread on finishing Shapeways models - there seems to be a cloud of mystery around them. Then I will document the process on an EIII and a DH-2 so there will be a path to your dream planes that are not available.

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    Clipper that would be awesome!

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    Quote Originally Posted by clipper1801 View Post
    I will be doing a thread on finishing Shapeways models - there seems to be a cloud of mystery around them. Then I will document the process on an EIII and a DH-2 so there will be a path to your dream planes that are not available.

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    A thread on finishing Shapeways models from an expert like yourself will be very welcome, David.

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    Could someone please show a copy of my list to an actual new player and give me feedback on whether it makes sense to them.

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    I left some copies of my list with my local games shop owner yesterday to give to people buying aircraft models, who had no rules. I will see what happens.

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    Has anyone any feedback on my resources list, please? I would like to know whether there are any improvements I can make before submitting it to the Files section.

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    David, your list looks very good. For anyone wanting to dip their toe in the water before diving in, this gives them a great way to do it.

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    That is very kind of you to say so, Peter. Thank you. What I would really like is for some copies to be given to new players to see whether it makes sense to them and then giving me the feedback.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clipper1801 View Post
    I will be doing a thread on finishing Shapeways models - there seems to be a cloud of mystery around them. Then I will document the process on an EIII and a DH-2 so there will be a path to your dream planes that are not available.
    That would be awesome. I’ve yet to pull the trigger on doing any of those because the prep work looks horrendous. (All that grain...)

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