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Thread: Spectacular Spitfire photo.

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    Thumbs up Spectacular Spitfire photo.

    Check out this top photo of a Spit banking or maybe going into a roll. (?)

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Must be doing his victory roll after clearing the sky of the Hun.

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    I wonder how many 109 pilots saw it like that. Wonderful photography!
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    I can feel my breakfast rising just looking at it!

    Beautiful picture!

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    Beautiful indeed!
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    Superb pic Baz.

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    Really nice picture!

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    Indeed,that is a spectacular photograph! Well done, Barry!

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    Great photo but then any WW II plane for me is a great photo.

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    Nice one Baz. Not often you get a top down shot.
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    Hope his engine does not cut out due to the fuel line issue they had early war.

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    That's a much later version Ken, MkIX maybe ? Built to take on the Fw190 fitted with a newer supercharged Merlin engine.

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    Another great pic, Barry!

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