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    Has anyone compiled a list of the best shades of paints to match the colours on the Nexus and Ares models, please?

    I was wondering, which is the best shade of brown to match the S.E.5a's.

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    I've used Revell Olive Yellow Matt #42 acrylic but wouldn't say it's exact. Others have used similar shades from Vallejo. You could look in the colours and markings sub forum.

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    I use a layer of Vallejo 70.888 Olive Grey then go over it with a layer of Vallejo 71.020 Green Brown. Looks pretty close. I used that combination on this SE5a. I painted out the G and did put an I. Working on a H, J, and K right now.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    I've used Vallejo "Brown Violet", but as a whole-plane repaint, not a paint-match...…………….
    Not sure how good a match it is (I'm at work - Again! -so can't check right now).

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    Tim, I have used that one as well. It is a nice color. Again, it is close. The paint shades on the ares/nexus models are hard to match.

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    I was thinking of trying to change the G into a C.

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    A close match may work in that case, aircraft were sometimes moved around & reassigned so evidence of a newer patch bearing new markings would look authentic.

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    Also doesn't help that Ares usually uses the Pantone color catalog rather than period references... not sure if they've taken my advice on getting a copy of Federal Standard 595 for US planes, and I know that most WWI historians when interviewing surviving WWI pilots used Methuen decks for color references.
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    On post #18 I described the mixture with reaper paints to achieve the olive variations of the SE5a

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