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Thread: Fokker D.VII = Unobtainium?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alfgard View Post
    There was a "Stark"on

    Attachment 288054

    Only 3 bidders (was one of them) it seems that there are not sooo many who wants the planes, but the one who does do it at nearly every Price.

    My Problem is, that I live in Germany and with auctions in the USA I have the disadvantage that I have to pay about 40 Euro extra for shipping/customs so that this amount diminishes my bit.
    Quote Originally Posted by Flying Helmut View Post
    I'm down to my last 3 Starks, having misjudged my stock and sold 4 on to other UK 'Dromers.
    I need to keep them for repaints, and ideally need two more..............
    For this price I'll sell you a couple! I'll even wash the paint of my Bolle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Teaticket View Post
    I'll even wash the paint of my Bolle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by malachi View Post
    lol Save the Starks! Repaint the Goerings.

    i traded my last goering for repaint to a buddy so he could repaint it for a stark. already had one so i basically repainted the pink parts purple as is my predilection.

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    Yeah, these things are getting up there! I keep an eye on the auctions, but I think I'm content to wait for an eventual reprint (or a 3d printed stand-in) at these prices.

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