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    Just because my pilot is requesting nurse Marlene doesn't make him a spy

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    Another good game, in spite of the ongoing connection problems. Once again, Mike, Dan, & Chris deserve a lot of credit for the administrative duties they do.

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    I also would like to add my thanks to Peter (teaticket) for everything he has contributed to this project. Without him, we would not have gotten as far as we have. Again thank you Peter for all of your insights!!!


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    Odd one this guns didn't jam, Chris didn't collide with anyone.

    OTOH, Peter (Teaticket) did crash & burn...twice. Someone has to uphold traditions.

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    Even with the irregularities it was a very fun game! Had a blast! Thanks to all that was involved!!!

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    Stayed aloft and got a kill to boot!
    (sorry, Chris)

    Thanks, as usual, to Mike for a great evening.

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    Last nights game was deadly but fun. 1st turn, on my 3rd manover, I went head to head with a Nieuport, John I think, 2 short range shots and I take 2 pilot wounds. I cradh and am captured by the French waiting to recover in a Frence hospital and hopefully get exchanged. A number of us wnet down and were captured.

    Since I didn't get past the first turn Mike had me pick a new pilot. I brought out my ACE, Michael Whitmann. After a few moves I get in behind Robert's Nieuport. Great position and I fire. Now guns jammed I stay behind him getting my guns back up. He must be reading my mind since he does the same move as me and that puts him right behind me. Unjammed my guns but noone to shoot at except by Robert into me. Oh well I did get in 4 turns this time.

    I did get to match Teaticket (Peter) in being shot down twice.

    Great fun guys.

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    Bob, your second pilot lasted one card longer than me. Thanks for shooting me down and putting me out of my misery just before you went down.

    My first pilot was like yours, first shot at it was an AA hit for 10 points....oh yeah, my N12 has 10 points. Ouch. Crazy night but always fun to fly...or try to.

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    Dangerous mission and bloody results. Most of us ended up with shot down and captured, or in the hospital with wounds. OUCH!!!!

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    8/12 pilots wounded, captured, or lost

    Congrats to 2 of the rookie survivors on making Green! Mathieu Feret (first kill) and Charles LaRoche.
    Also congrats to Rupprecht Gottfried; although hospitalized now promoted to Vet!

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    This weeks game will be Part 2 of the Crossing. Part 1 was a very Bloody affair, What will they do to each other this week?

    I will post the link to the game @7pm est

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    More pilots on the casualty list!

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    Another great game! thanks to Mike for hosting, and to Peter & Chris for their administrative assistance.

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    Nice to spectate again. Well done all.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Wonderful game! Damn those AA! Thanks to all!!!!!

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    Fun time, another bloodbath! Thanks Mike and Peter

    Another victory for the despicable French! Congratulations to Dominique Vidal for leading the way to victory, and to Girard Framboise promoted to Green!

    As usual, links to data:


    RULE CHANGE: moving forward, by Royal Decree, only Vets or Aces will accrue Luck points. Welcome to the Dead Pilot's Society.

    I believe I have things correct but please let me know if you see a problem.
    Status of those shot down:
    Ole Schellscheidt - wounded out 21 days
    Finn Starker - captured
    Hermann Brauer - lost, escaped, wounded out 5 days
    Yves Rouille - captured, out 11 days
    Achille Alarie - lost, out 2 days
    Jock LaFlack - wounded, out 18 days
    Mean Jean - wounded, out 6 days

    Current POW list (captured behind enemy lines or No Man's Land)
    Philippe Rapace - Vet (Chris)
    Pierre la Rouge - Green (Peter L)
    M. Whitman - Ace (Bob)
    Hans Gruber - Vet (Bob)
    Feldwebel Eric Stauffenberg - Rookie (Dave)
    Finn Starker - Vet (Patrick)

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    The hospitals are full tonight!

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    Another bloodbath, as Mike planned!

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    As we bring to a close the next segment of our campaign and I prepare for the next segment I like to look back and see how we did. I have had several conversations with the group for their opinions on what works and what needs to be improved. My biggest takeaway is the improvement in everyone's play. As the players get used to the platform we are making fewer piloting errors and when we do we get hammered for it. The missions now contain about 50% two seater planes that does allow for more shooting and a lot more excitement.

    With that said, when I started this I never dreamed I would have 10 to 11 players every single week! It is very humbling, Thank You!

    This week will be the next installment of our Race series. These are always full and a bit chaotic. After which I will be taking a week or few off to recover for an upcoming surgery (planned and not overly serious).

    Again I want to thank everyone who has past present and future that has helped by playing advising and given feedback. What a ride!!


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    Mike, you put a lot of hard work and effort into this every week. A lot of the thanks go to you for giving us this opportunity to play during this weird time. I greatly appreciate these games. It has given me the ability to meet some wonderful people who I may have never met. Hopefully, someday, we can all meet at a convention or something and buy some beers for each other. See you at the races Thursday. Hope the surgery goes well and you have a great recovery!!!

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    I'll be a spectator next Thursday (can't really come into a race late)
    Mike, I really appreciate you fitting me in.
    Like Dan said
    It has given me the ability to meet some wonderful people who I may have never met
    and I look forward to our weekly banter.
    It's always a good time.

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    I can only echo what Dan said above.

    Except to add: *if* we can get back to in-person conventions anytime soon, I will note that I run WGF games at every Congress of Gamers (local to Rockville) and TCEP (northern Virginia) conventions I can get to.

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    Last weeks game was another shoot out. At least my pilot was able to do some damage to the guns and get back home. As Zen said have to agree with Chris. Always great to see the guys.

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    This weeks game will be the 4th of the Race series. Each player was given 125 points to build their plane and pilot. Using the sticky above to get the plane and skill values along with picking a pilot level. Each level costs a bit more and allows an appropriate number of skills. Along with this they must also buy ammo. So each plane will be limited on ammo based on where they wanted to spend their points.

    At 7 pm I will add the link for the "Race on the Beach"

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    Great card shuffling skills Mike - are you sure there's only two Boom cards in the deck?
    lol :-)

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    Quote Originally Posted by CaptMoonbeam View Post
    Great card shuffling skills Mike - are you sure there's only two Boom cards in the deck?
    lol :-)
    That's how he shows he likes you.

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    Another great game tonight. Air racing game, so overall, people seemed to be absolutely determined to take out the pylons.
    Thanks to Mike for hosting, and I hopoe the surgery comes out OK-or, I think in this case, everything stays in OK.

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    BOOM! BOOM! BOOM! I love you Pylon!!! Great race! Thanks to everyone!!!!!!

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    Again, though, I would like to remind my comrades of the immortal words of Friedrich Nietzsche: "When you stare too long into the pylon, the pylon stares also into-oh, SH*T!"

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    Boom card first shot, thank goodness it's half damage now, then I did my best to stare into the oncoming pylo....O $hit!

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    Great fun watching all your escapades.
    Thanks again, Mike.

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    Fun to listen to the banter - see you chaps back ''Over The Briny'!

    Like the "Charlie don't surf" battle mat Mike !
    If you wanted a Y mates card there is one in the WoG-MATES-FOLD-V3 file here:
    Last edited by flash; 03-12-2021 at 07:32.

    "He is wise who watches"

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    Good game. First Peter was worring about being the first one out. No worries over that since I didn't get past the 2nd turn. I had a SS DIII which, I thought would be fast and nimble. Trying to use that I moved into a great position, not for me but for Dave and Sam or Patrick. 2 cards. 1 BOOM and one FIRE damage. Well that took me from 0 to 11 damage points with a rudder damage. I used my FIRM HAND to counter the RUDDER damage. Next turn I draw a 4 damage (FIRE DAMAGE) so its the end of me. Had a good plan but once again the Damage Cards were not in my favor. I guess Thomas came out on top this week. He was very shrude with his manovers.

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    Bob, I think you and I are have been on the short end of the stick lately. We are both racing to see who will be the first out! I haven't survived the last 4 games. We have the distinction of losing 2 planes in one game....more than once!

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