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Thread: Alien Robots?

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    Default Alien Robots?

    The concept of alien robots would certainly explain that girl I dated in high school.....
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    When I click on the link, Bill, I receive an error message.

    Your high school date wasn't called Anne Droyd by any chance?

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    Here's another go at the link (sorry)....Anne Droyd should have tipped me off.....but of course when I was in high school the telegraph was new technology.....

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    Ah yes the Telegraph. I was one of the last telegraphists in my state back in the day. Anyway ..... this sounds like Star Trek and the Borg

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    Just as we send robot probes to explore planets in our solar system, if there is any other intelligent life out there, they might send artificial intelligence ships to explore other solar systems particularly considering the enormous distances involved. Such ships would have to be incredibly reliable, perhaps have a 'self repair' capacity to survive for the long time periods involved and have an advanced form of propulsion beyond anything we have conceived yet.

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