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    It is 1917 and the war in the East is winding down. The aristocrat Igor Pompeus has been tasked with a bombing mission. His escort was to have been Sergei Starick but he is unavailable to fly due to a massive head ache (I don't think it was too much Vodka). Igor decides to fly the mission alone. His bomber is the massive Ilya Muromets. It is very robust (34 damage points), and the Germans only ever seem to fly second rate machines on this front. This should be an easy mission. (Fly to the end of the play area and back).

    However, there are new German machines in the air that day. The less than redoubtable Roland D.II has been sent to the Eastern Front due to unprecedented demands from all pilots who have flown it. 300 of these machines have been produced. Although heavy on the controls, they are relatively fast, very robust and have twin machine guns. The only minor problem (according to Roland), is the almost total lack of forward visibility. Most pilots say they cannot even see a target let alone fire at one. Not suitable for the Western Front.

    The overconfident and some might say incompetent Igor (they would only say this once) is about to meet these new arrivals in mortal combat. Who knows what might happen?

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    Werner arrived home in his battered and almost totally useless airplane and he survived the war. No one believed him when he said he assisted in downing a Russian gigant and he lived under a pall of suspicion over the loss of Otto. We know better though don't we, because we have the photos.

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    Interesting encounter, Gary, especially that Ilya Muromet.
    Massive thing

    I recently got myself a couple of Shapeways Roland D.II from Clipper's sale of the last of Hunter's collection,
    but they don't look as squat as yours do.

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    Nice tale of daring-do from the rarely heard from eastern front.

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    Thumbs up

    Loved that AAR Gary. Full of humour, daring do & Fires.

    Have some rep on me!

    "Its a fine line indeed between going out in a Blaze of Glory or having Crashed & Burnt!"
    Member Australian Society of WW1 Aero Historians

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    That looked like a lot of fun Gary - the beast seems to have taken a huge amount of damage to put it down - the unofficial stats has it's health at 33 points, just about the same as a Zeppelin Staaken.

    "He is wise who watches"

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