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Thread: 56 Squadron Decal Sheet now available

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    Default 56 Squadron Decal Sheet now available

    I'm happy to announce a new Unit Decal Sheet for Number 56 Squadron SE5a minis. The sheet contains decals to do up 10 total planes (from a choice of 12). It is designed to reuse some of the roundels already on the miniature, but if you are doing complete repaints I also offer sheets of RFC Roundels as well. Below is an image of the decal sheet as well as some sample repaints by our very own rhodie80. Attached a the very bottom of this post is the instruction sheet on how to place these decals on the minis.

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    Quite awesome. Thank you.

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    Oh, more temptation. Thanks Keith.
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    Got to get me some of them!

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    Ooooooh got a few spare shapeways SE5 that will look good with these decals, cheers Herr Oberst

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    It is a really nice set! Been using them myself.

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    oooohhhh love that red alligator decal!

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    Nice one Boss and nice repaints Jim !

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    Tasty tasty very very tasty.

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    Jim, as usually, Excellent job! Hope to see them on the table some day in the future!

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