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Thread: New source of 1/200 P-51C

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    Default New source of 1/200 P-51C

    Well I frequent ebay and took a whim on a purchase All of 3.99 plus about the same for shipping. For a P-51.
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    Hacked and cut on it. Removed what seemed to be not so pretty. A little body filler (automotive spot putty) Metal antenna and machine guns. Primed it and applied some paint and decals. I should tell who made this is a Micro Machine.

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    Seems a reasonable investment of time & effort Tony

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    those came out quite well!

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    I miss Micro Machines... They're supposed to be restarting the brand this summer but the samples I've seen don't look near as faithful replicas as the originals.

    Assuming Wuhan hasn't killed it... rumor has it that just in the Jurassic Park collector community, half this year's line is already confirmed toast with more casualties still to come.
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    After seeing pic 1 didn't know how this would turn out, wow, excellent job. Well worth the effort. REP gun fired.

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    Excellent job! I loved micro machines. Played with them when I was a wee one, and then when I got older I used their military series tanks in Battletech. There were the perfect size. Would love to get some more of the tanks.

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    I keep coming back to look at this thread. That Micro Machines airplane is such a lump, and you did such a beautiful job cleaning it up.

    Would you tell me what tools and process you used to grind that blob of plastic into a model? Particularly how did you clean up those lumps under the wings that erupt where the drop tanks would hang?

    I love turning crappy toys into wargame models, but I'm a hack. I have a Dremel tool and a bench vise, but I usually butcher up whatever I'm working on. I've spotted some of these toys on Ebay and I'm tempted to order them, but I doubt mine would come out as well as yours. How did you do it?

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    Flush cut side cutters, and spot putty. Fine toothed craft saw.


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