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Thread: Scenario D-1: First Offensive Air Operations

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    Fire in the Skies
    Scenario D-1: First Offensive Air Operations

    Český Brod, 29th March 2020
    2:00, 1 player (Allied), 4 planes in total

    Date of mission: May 1940
    Location: Scapa Flow, Orkney
    Story: Pilot Officer Jan Klán spotted and anemy Ju.88 approaching to the HMS Norfolk, turned to the right and attack the enemy from it's 10 o'clock. His Gladiator was hit the fire during innitial (almost deadly) attack and after several collisions during too close interception P/O Klán was shot down by a rear gunner of Junkers. Pilot bailed out and landed into sea. In this moment Pilot Officer Jan Laška came to the battle sector and finish P/O Klán's job. He immediately turn 180° degrees and point directly to the second approaching German bomber, again Ju.88. After several shots both German gunners silenced their guns. Unfortunately, the bomber partly hit the HMS Norfolk with it's bombs, damage will be reported by a responsible Royal Navy officer. After bombing Junkers turned to the right and after few moments it was shot down by P/O Laška.
    Axis Forces (AI): 2× Junkers Ju.88-A
    Allied Forces: 1× Gloster Gladiator Mk.I, 1× Gloster Sea Gladiator
    Axis victory conditions (AI): destroy HMS Norfolk
    Allied victory conditions: prevent German attack on a heavy cruiser
    Result: 2× Junkers Ju.88-A down, partial hit to the heavy cruiser, 1× Gloster Gladiator Mk.I shot down, heavy damage to Gloster Sea Gladiator (14/15 HP)
    Uncertainties: When a ship is sunk? Due to total or partial hit?

    Basic setup of battlefield.

    Unsealing of German guns, Junkers still out of Gladiator's range.

    A deadly attack of P/O Klán that hurts on both sides.

    The first (unsucessful) taran to Junkers...

    ...and the second one much better than the the first one...

    ...but German rear gunner finish his dirty work. P/O Klán bailed out.

    P/O Laška during his cold blood attack from the very close distance from a blindspot of both German gunners.

    The third taran was too much for a bomber and it began to fall to the sea. The first Allied victory for today!

    A quick turn above the heads of sailors.

    And intercepting the second bomber. P/O Laška's aircrafts received several serious hits (2+2+3 HP) during next moments.

    But even in perforated aircraft he could blast both gunners in Junkers. An important moment - Junkers is without selfdefence now.

    But even despite continous fire from Sea Gladiator, a German bombardier could hit his target.

    And pilot turned to the right and tried to heading home airfield.

    But Junkers did not have even a chance. The second victory of P/O Laška for today.

    German loses - both bombers.

    Not an absolute victory for Allies today - one Gladiator lost and partial hit of the HMS Norfolk.

    P/O Jan Klán / SD S / Concussed / 0 (+0 XP)
    P/O Jan Laška / RTB / - / 2 (+5 XP)
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails 20200329_211251.jpg   20200329_211850.jpg   20200329_212052.jpg   20200329_212443.jpg   20200329_212715.jpg  

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    20200329_220931.jpg   20200329_221948.jpg   20200329_222644.jpg   20200329_224716.jpg   20200329_225058.jpg  

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    Great job taking down those Ju-88s with Gladiators.

    I think I will try this one as a standalone game sometime.

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    I used an XA (He.111) maneuvre deck for Ju.88, so they was slower than they should be, but for Gladiators it was an ideal case. I remember The Frozen Tundra mission I developed in past (2014) - if you miss the right moment for an Immelman turn, you can't catch them with Gladiators. And the result (both bombers down, one Gladiator down and the second almost, partial hit of the target by one Junkers) looks fine balanced

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    HP on ship needs to be total to sink.

    Cruiser survives but probably out of action for awhile.


    PS, excellent scenario, well flown.
    See you on the Dark Side......

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    Thanks, Neil!
    I have the same opinion as you, despite the fact blue dot on a ship was covered by bomb card.
    By the way, I really enjoy historical background

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