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Thread: Some News, hopefully good news.

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    Default Some News, hopefully good news.

    MARCH 18, 2020


    GAMA is very concerned about having a safe and fun environment for our attendees, game organizers, volunteers, and exhibitors and are closely monitoring the recommendations from the CDC and the Ohio Department of Health. This crisis is rapidly evolving and we want to give people as much notice as we are able of any changes. As such, we will make a go/no-go determination on the convention by May 1st. If the situation changes before that date, we will issue an update but as of this moment, we are proceeding with Origins 2020 as scheduled.

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    They've pushed the decision back as POTUS extended federal social distancing guidelines to April 30 but the way things have been going I wouldn't hold your breath, they're already talking 6 months for us.

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