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Thread: IJN AKAGI under attack !

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    Default IJN AKAGI under attack !

    IJN AKAGI under attack !
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    That's a spectacular game. Big handsome ship model. 1/350 scale? Akagi is in trouble, her CAP is out of position. How many players did you have?

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    Hello zippyfusenet.
    The Akagi modell is from "Hasegawa" in scale 1/700 . The game was a sologame , with only simpel rules.
    But there is only one picture left , cameraproblems.

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    Akagi looms bigger than 1/700, but I believe you. Great work on her flight deck. And an interesting solution for your flight stands - I see that you're using airplane cards for your bases, on top of something more solid, I suppose.

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    Akagi has had it! Nice picture and ship modeling.

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    Nice mean Akagi model. She looks like shes about to get a good thumping.

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    The flightstands are Droopzone Commander Bases (4×4cm with 7cm high) and adapter for the planpeg . On the top are kopies of cards from the airplanes.
    This works very well.

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    Thumbs up

    Nice one Boris.
    Shame about the camera problems.
    Looked like a good game.

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    Default AKAGI under Attack Part II

    IJN AKAGI under Attack PART II. - Coming soon !
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