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    Has anyone done up custom cards for early war British bombers such as the Armstrong Whitworth Whitley, the Handley-Page Hampden and the Vickers Wellington? I would like to design a scenario for our Battle of Britain campaign that includes the bombing of Berlin in August 1940, reprisal for a bomb "accidentally" landing on London. The Berlin raid changed the German strategy away from RAF airfields to terror attacks against British cities.

    I have a card for the Blenheim, but I needs cards for the heavier bombers that had the range to reach Berlin at that time. I know AIM makes these models. I would likely use the same movement deck as the Heinkel.

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    I have some of those planes that Max Headroom did in my recovery album:

    The values aren't right, but they are in the unofficial committee files:

    You can probably fudge usable cards using paint or photshop. (I us CorelDraw).
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    A Blenheim card could be adapted for use with a Bristol Beaufort model.

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    Yes, but the Beaufort didn't have the range to reach Berlin. Trying to keep it historical.

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    Official Handley Page Hampden Painting Thread - Post #32

    Are there models for the Wellington and the Whitley?

    PS: Both (Wellington Mk.Ic and the Whitley {Mk? Perhaps the Mk.V?}) use the XA Maneuver decks, but damage would depend on the Mk of bombers.

    PPS: AIM doesn't specify the MK of the two models on their web page. They could be the Welly Mk.Ic and the Whitley Mk.V.
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