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Thread: a question for a quiet sunday afternoon / morning

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    Default a question for a quiet sunday afternoon / morning

    on profiles I can understand awards. can someone explain aerial victories? is it reports you put on the forum or another means of getting some? happy flying all

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    My understanding is the higher the level of the award, the more victories. If an award has 4 levels, 1 point for the lowest level, more as you progress.

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    The medals have a value expressed in aerial victories Iain, what's worth what I have no idea & don't recall ever seeing it published.

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    At the Sails of Glory Anchorage you can see how much „guns“ a medal rewards.

    Values are different.

    So a Origins ground crew Level Silver can be worth the same like a single charity medal.

    Have a look at Flash‘s medal list: 35 medal 126 victories
    Mine: 33 medals 116 victories

    Our collection is different too, So it‘s not only Numbers but the value...
    Voilą le soleil d'Austerlitz!

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    Iain I think the others have explained correctly. Awards are given for different reasons ie Charity, number of posts, contest winners and things like that. In your case you have donated to get Tim here to attend Origins (Origins Ground Crew) and have given a $10 donation to the site. I never really noticed or payed attention to this until you mentioned it.

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    Who actually awards the medals etc and is there a time delay for some? Only asking because I went silver subscription and it doesn't show yet. Oh yeah how many posts needed to get to flying training??

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    To answer you're questions,
    First-----I believe Matt56 used to award the medals
    Second-----There is a time delay because people request medals, and if he is not around he cannot award them.
    Third-----You need to go to the medal list and request the medal
    Fourth-----I assume that when you're asking about getting to flight training you are taking about when you hover over the green bar underneath the user's country flag. What show up when you hover over the bar, is a result of how many reputation points you have. (example when you hover of Mr. BobP's green bars, it says
    BobP has become and Ace of Aces
    And when you hover over mine, it says
    Future Pilot has become an Ace
    So what ever shows up is a result of how many reputation points you have.
    Hope this helps.
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    Thanks Daniel, that clears a few thing up.

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    You're welcome, I had the same questions when I was first on the site.

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    Also another thing I just remembered that Matt56 was the one who awarded medals. As he has flown west, I do not know who is currently doing it.

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    I guess Rob or nobody in this moment. Let's wait a week or two until things get to normal. There is no hurry about medals - if somebody should awarded, he can point it later. I believe none of them will be forgotten.

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