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Thread: Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

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    Default Arsenal of Democracy Flyover

    For those lucky enough to be in the Washington DC area on May 8th, there will be a 100 warbird flyover to commemorate the 75th anniversary of V-E day.

    Hope that a you-tube video gets posted.
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    That was stirring. Thanks.

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    Thanks for the heads up on this. Have to figure a place to see this.

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    Thanks for letting us know

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    Thatks for the heads-up, Karl. Have bookmarked the site to figure out what I'm doing, and where.

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    Just received an email that this is postponed until Sept.

    Arsenalof Democracy Flyover postponed until September

    The public health situation surrounding COVID-19 (coronavirus) across the United States has made its first air show impact on the 2020 schedule for B-29 Doc and the History Restored Tour. On Wednesday, March 18, the Arsenal of Democracy (AOD) Executive PlanningCommittee announced its decision to postpone the flyover and accompanying events scheduled for May... Read More

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    No surprises there.
    It is impossible for a man to begin to learn what he thinks he knows. -- Epictetus

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    I was thinking of maybe going to the Manassas AP to see the planes there but then wouldn't see the whole lot of them. I checked out the Reading air show site and they are going to have a P-38 there but I bet that one will be changed also.

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    I hope by September things will have settled down enough so this event will be held.

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    The article now gives September 25th as the date of what sounds like a spectacular flypast. I hope that the corona virus will have subsided by then and that the weather will stay fine.

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    Thanks for the update, Bob. We here in Montgomery County are the hotbed of Maryland's outbreak...around 1/3 of all cases in the state are local. It's gotten so bad that the county bus service has dropped to about half their normal weekday schedule, and are threatening, if the buses are toof ull to maintain the recommended social distancing, to leave passengers waiting at the stops. The airshow is certainly in the category of "non-essential" travel they're urging people to cut out, so I for one fully support the postponement.
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    wow! that cinematography is AMAZING!
    in dec 1941 the axis powers went to war with america. what the hell were they thinking.

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